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Singleplayer Story Mode On!

In the far future, humanity is pristine, godlike and very bored. They have done it all, immortality, meaning of life, and mastered technology to the point where they control physics of the universe. Humans are gods in a godless universe. They have spanned across the width of creation, and beheld wonders beyond mortal comprehension..
They scoff at lesser races and their quarrels, but wish to relieve it somehow. They create "Xonotic" zones, zones where normal physics no longer apply, this is where their tournaments take place, to settle disputes. This is also where lesser races are judged and maybe destroyed using Xonotic space-tear beams.
They also employ the best weapons ever conceived, true masterpieces of weapon smithing, forged in the crucible of time. Here there lies a prize for the race who wins; immortality and eternal understanding.
Unfortunately, humans were as foolish as powerful, and when the Gak race wins the Xonotic Games they destroy humanity and themselves, plunging the universe into darkness... All that power and knowledge, perhaps forever lost in space. Now humans survive as they once did, quarreling just like the lesser races they scoffed at.
They no longer have as much technology, but they have the courage and ferocity to survive. They fight enemies in their once pristine Xonotic zones, and they again try to access their immortality through those. Every race catches on quickly, and before you know it every Zone is a war zone.
This is Xonotic.

What do you guys think?

The story is good imo.

But doesnt the "fight arena" part look too much like the story from Illfonic's Nexuiz?

never heard of it.
i've heard of nexuiz, but never his story part...

Nice thought, what do you think of this spin-off:

Humanity and Gak race have been conquered by a far more evolved race, the "elders" (cf. H.P. Lovecraft's work), giant squid-like creatures travelling through space and time by the power of their will alone(cf. Frank Herbert's Dune), being able to drive anyone (who disobeys them) mad from a distance (Gladly, they don't want to be bothered by that too often).
While the gaks have been under their control for aeons and the elders' were getting bored of the gaks, humanity is a new pawn in the game, having been mistreated this way for only about 300 years (by the way, they are called "gaks", since most them always agree on what you say, and in their language "gak" means "Yes, SIR!").
For the elders' amusement, humans and gaks are forced to choose a certain percentage (0.001% out of 36 billion people each year) of their younger population in a lottery. These young individuals of both species are then forced to fight in rather stupid, while technologically more and more sophisticated gladiator-type arenas. The winners of these battles are brainwashed and put in positions of political power, both Man and Gak (Gaks are generally favoured in these positions, they always say "Yes, SIR!" anyway. However, there's a homo sapiens contingent that has to be fulfilled, since the elders want to encourage humans to participate in the games instead of discouraging humans, they're very clever, you see?).

The remains of the losers and the old people are devoured by hybrid-species, brought into existence on the basis of technologically sophisticated sexual-intercourse between the elders and humans and/or gaks. These hybrid-being are terrorizing and controlling the rest of humanity that is living as "hypnotized slaves", forced to get a college education on credit and develop new technology for the arenas!
(By the way, humans mainly occupy earth, the moon and mars, while gaks occupy the moons of Jupiter and Saturn in lots of small colonies, they have been through the game many times before and are getting used to it! The GREAT ROTATING HEXAGON ON THE NORTH POLE OF SATURN is the "Elders'" amplification antenna for the rest of the solar system, but this is irrelevant until the last chapter of the story)

A bunch of freshmen (cf. Starship Troopers) breaks through the security perimeter (Tutorial type level, introducing WASD, secondary fire and so on) of the arena and manages to join a bunch of gak-shamans in a remote region of the earth, namely antarctica, which is ice-free due to man made global warming, and fairly "squid-like-elder-being and hybrid-monster"-free, due to magnetic interferences between the elders' mind control telepathy-thing and mother earth's magnetic field. They get there, after having jumped into the ocean as a last reserve (tutorial level) and were picked up by a submarine, controlled by a bunch of man-made AI-controlled, extremely civilized robots ("british robots", cf. "petunia.blend"), which have been studying the earth and the universe in their own way since the times when the elders arrived. Those "british robots" aren't too concerned with the fate of man, but they offer to take the freshmen to antartica, since they were going to study recently mutated sub-zero algae anyway.
Using the gak-shamans' extraterrestrial super-mushrooms (in non-frozen antartica), the freshmen release the full potential of their genetically implanted elder-genes(a.k.a "XONOTIC"), which have been put into their genome to improve their reaction rate (for the arenas). By doing this, they gain control over psychotrophic powers (cf. Bioshock), that were never intended to be in the hands of man and bring back the battle to the hybrids and finally, the elders, liberating both humanity and gaks over the course of ten to twenty episodes.

What do you think of that?


<pre story>
<possibly something involving seperation of wealthy and poor, maybe with everyone has to wear suits which has chips in them so they know which side your on>
I needed money so I joined the xonotic group, a secret military division. I'd spend ten years there and come out remembering nothing but the meeting before, or so they told me.
<cut to scenes of training>
<learn basic movements>
<some missions for weapons like get X from top of building using rocket launcher>
We were meant to be only used for military purposes but now we are hired out to wealthy
<missions such as assination>
Starts learning about what they're doing, about them anylysing the brain and using this knowledge to add skills to everybody such as the jumping or whatever.
<missions for cts maps>
Find out about things like creating other animals and sticking peoples brains in them because they can't make brains, just add to them.
<all the time unfolding a deap storyline about corruption in the base>
The learn about him remembering so he has to escape.
<technology get's out>
<cut to the future>
Has to kill mutants (maybe) the other people in the xonotic group who never got freed (and are now slaves) and the leaders to save humanity.


The fact that they can move peoples brains can explain the respawning, and the multiplayer battles can be training for the missions.

Both stories sound good. Also thinking about what kinda levels when is a good idea.

Only one thing, can DarkPlaces handle scenes, and real singleplayer maps? Not just multyplayer maps like are used now in the singleplayer.

You can use DarkPlaces to play quake1 singleplayer:

Nice. If we could make such singleplayer for Xonotic that would be awesome (in a little bit higher quality then Tongue).

It oy looks like that is a lot of work...


this shows better how an updated quake can look like with the DP engine.

yes, it is possible, BUT it would especially require additional coders.
<Samual> I am the most unprofessional developer ever
<bluez> halogene, you make awesome music, but you have no clue about ctf.
<Halogene> I didn't know mappers include some mysterious waypoints so members of the BOT clan can navigate a map?
<divVerent> if you don't pay for a premium account, your movement speed is limited to 100qu/s

(11-26-2011, 04:48 PM)Cortez666 Wrote:

this shows better how an updated quake can look like with the DP engine.

yes, it is possible, BUT it would especially require additional coders.

Hell yeah, I played that with DP, it's so much better, also because the new lightning made the maps have more contrast, everything felt much more realistic.

I wouldn't mind a single player similar to quake's for Xonotic. Only problem is the theme though, since Quake is more aimed towards medieval/horror/futuristic, while Xonotic is much more cybernetic/techno/futuristic.

But still, it's possible to make a stong singleplayer campaign, maybe by adding some slight horror and darkness elements to make it more interesting, and some badass map design!

Maybe I can help a bit with the scary music/sounds then, I would love to Big Grin
[Image: 4766.png]
[My personal website: AquaNova ] - <> - [Ingame: <PsyX> :::: <-Archer-< :::: ]

take a look at

edit :: first time I read your post i was under the impression that you were a developer ..

In this thread I posted my idea for a story-line ... if you are interested in coding for it (or for any other single player related thing) go ahead...

Also ... kinda unrelated ... please don't use the half done zombie code ... I don't really like zombies (with the exception of minecraft where they are so low poly they become kina cute) ... robots would be cool ...

I made things kinda vague and in a timeline form so other people can write detailed stories later on.
Also, wouldn't it be cool to have people write ebooks and Team Xonotic can sell them to support the project? A final plotline would have to be decided first though.
There should be an official story submission page (not in the forums), followed by rounds of voting (one for backstory, then later one for in-game story?).

This is only the backstory, maybe I'll write some in-game story later.

I probaly will keep adding to this. If you give me a suggestion and I like it I'll credit you.

Please PM me if you have feedback, I don't want the suggestion thread to be full of replies to suggestions.

Xon = Faction of Aliens and Robots. Oppressive rule.
Xonotic = Adjective form of Xon (i.e. saying someone is Xonotic, like American)
Rebellion = Faction of Humans and Cyborgs.

Timeline (Time isn't made of lines! It's made of circles, that is why clocks are round):

2033 (Svedka voted #1 vodka this year): Cybernetic implants start to see widespread use.

2048 (power of 2): The Partition Plan is implemented, The western hemisphere is reserved for Cyborgs (who want cybernetic implants to be required, for the humans' own sake due to life expectancy increase, general better health, etc), and the eastern for humans. Many humans hate Cyborgs, most are either technophobic or religious and believe that being a Cyborg takes away your soul or something.

2051: Cyborgs achieve interstellar flight. The Treaty of the East of 2051 disallows the Cyborgs from launching any interstellar spacecraft until the Humans have developed the same capability. Many Cyborgs do not take this seriously. Some try to smuggle plans for interstellar spacecraft to the East to end the Treaty sooner.

2057: Humans come very close to developing interstellar flight, but the East government cuts their budget at the last minute and the project fails. Cyborgs in the West are outraged by this.

2060: The singularity occurs. Cyborgs successfully create a sentient AI. This is kept a secret.

2063 (date of human interstellar spaceflight according to star trek): A privately funded project in the East succeeds in developing an interstellar spacecraft. Cyborgs immediately launch 6 spacecraft (named after the 6 types of quarks, Up, Down, Top, Bottom, Strange, and Charm) in directions 60° from each other. Many believe that due to the similarity of human to Cyborg plans, the Cyborgs' designs were smuggled to the east. The Humans say that there must be a very limited set of possibilities for interstellar craft, and that's why the designs are so similar.

2064: Charm finds itself amid the Xon (no robots at this time). It is taken aboard one of the Xon ships. After a couple of months they are able to communicate with each other. After a few more months Charm departs with some Xon aboard who want to see Earth.

2065: Charm arrives back at Earth. They announce that they have found an alien species. The Xon on board kill all the Cyborgs on the ship. A fleet of Xon ships uncloaks and requests Earth's surrender. Both the Humans and Cyborgs refuse. In response, the fleet bombs Earth with nuclear warheads. Unbeknownst to the Cyborgs, the sentient AI that they had created multiplies itself and spreads to any computers unaffected by the nuclear blasts. The AIs then contacts the Xon informing them that they are willing to surrender, if the Xon will manufacture robot bodies for them and begin restoring some of the equipment damaged by the EMP pulse(yes, I did that on purpose) from the nuclear warheads. The AIs get robot bodies and join the Xon, and the Cyborgs and Humans are enslaved.

2071: The Robots begin planning to overthrow the Aliens and take control of the Xon empire.

2074: A rebel group of Humans and Cyborgs begin planning to overthrow the Xon.

2076: The Robots overthrow the Aliens and are now in control of the Xon empire. Oppression of the Cyborgs and Humans increases.

2077: The rebels infiltrate a Xon communications base and get a message out to the remaining ships launched by the Cyborgs informing them of the current situation. It is decided that Up, Top, and Strange will come back to a secret location where they might be of some use to the rebels, despite being horribly out of date compared to Xon technology. Down and Bottom continue searching for planets capable of sustaining life to populate.

2082: The rebels attack the Xon empire (intentionally vague) but are crushed, their leader executed (captured? Could make for a fun chapter rescuing him/her), and the survivors are scattered.

2100: The rebellion begins to regroup. (Game begins?)

Idea: The game could be different depending on what race the player chooses to be. Robots and Aliens would be similar, focused around suppressing the resistance, and Cyborgs and Humans would be similar, focused on overthrowing the Xon.
I am Xonotic, and so can you!
Pwnage, a close relative of sausage.
Look how terrible I am:
[Image: 20796.png]

thats a quite interesting story line (circle) ....
you will find many of them sitting around in these forums ... as well as some decomposing on the wiki

im currently working on my proposal in visual comic form myself ....

here is mine ... although I have changed many of the details since then
I am currently working on a visual web-comic edition of it ...

My proposal for story:

The player is a top-secret bioengineered super-soldier. The player is awoken from stasis as the result of a heavy artillery blast to the facility that they are being housed at. The player then proceeds to rage their way through the large facility in an effort to escape. everybody is trying to kill you. the end.

I posted this in the other thread, I think it was supposed to go here
sorry about the double post
I won't do it again.

My 2 cents.
The people who want to make a whole sp mod are going to slow all dev.
We don't need that. They can do that.
We just need the framework to work with
not a whole campaign

look at the SP framework for UT2k4
Its just a code framework of the base things most people would need to advance a story

The art will come from all the modders who use the framework later

if we just focus on a small core framework then each sp developer can work on their art and skins for ui etc.

So what does a single player need that isn't in deathmatch?

message triggers for consoles
a pda\notes function
playing audio/video logs or reading terminals
a basic inventory
combinable/researchable items in inventory a la System Shock *which uses TINY flatfiles
persistent inventory between levels
an ability tree/tech tree/upgrade character system
credit/purchase upgrade/weapons system
vehicles that can carry shit
{it used to be called a trunk}
Perhaps 4 player co-op adventure and inventory trading like in Project Eden {which was 400 megs!}
I like being able to switch between 4 party members and use the talents of each

If we look closely at some old school games like deus ex and system shock and even crusader no regret
they get all this functionality from very small fast files and flat databases or delimited text
These are small C files. Not a 1 G mod.

That is what we need

if you could build your objectives/quest sequences/item tables in excel and save them in a folder with a particular naming then you could adjust whole game sets with a spreadsheet, not even opening the editor!

If we wait for someone/team to make a whole mod it will be forever
we just need a small code framework
and a way to make bots do some scripted funtions a la quake one
patrol here, see someone run to alarm button
then shoot
if hurt too much run and get help down the hall and come back.

A code framework would be small, like 30 megs.

If we have that
a thousand designers who are NOT coders will suddenly look at this like a feasible tool or skeleton

ISn't xonotic based on Q3?
So its objective C
which means that playability code is separate from the engine code
So why can't we use entities and features in Q1 and Q2?
Adjusted of course, but the framework is there

I think we could add everything that is in deus ex and system shock
at under 30 megs with example files

and if we separate this from the artwork and just give a base framework
the community will make it rock
believe it or not
the developers of games are tired of commercial fragfests
we have been waiting for a strong sp framework that doesn't require 200 node ai constructs in kismet
I can just open files in my system shock folder and edit them, fire it up and the changes are there
That's the kind of dev system we need
that kind of structure
that you can package wads or whatever
bu while you are working on it the files should be separate so they can be edited separately without export import until final baking down.

That's more than 2 cents

[Image: 1Z6n6cRi29M2GGafLxwmEh]

this kinda thing has been suggested before ... but besides that ... there are a few holes in your logic
first -- the bulk of Xonotic's 1gig is in the textures ... each texture is high res and has a gloss and normal map ... the code ... is relitivily small
although xonotic can read the Q3 map format ITS NOT BASED OF QUAKE 3
xonotic is based off of quake ONE and is running in the darkplaces engine (darkplaces was intended to run quake one with highres textures ... and it still does ... very well infact)
but because its based off of Q1 its written in quake c ... although the engine code is still separated from the game code
-- pretty much all of the Q1 entities are still there ... its just the monsters that are missing ...
-- you should look at the assault gametype
-- talk to Mario ... hes currently playing around with some singleplayer towerdefence thing ...

besides that ... i believe the general focus is the make xonotic a great multiplayer game for version 1.0 ... they worry about single-player later

Nearly a year after.… This is not a single player campagn proposal but just trying to add some consistent background to the existent game. I got those ideas while sleeping and here they are if it can interest someone. If you know about UFO: Alien Invasion it can be like a kind of UFOpaedia just to add some background.

Historical background
Humans were expanding greedly across the univers to finaly meet the Alien.
A war begin as the Alien are driven by a strong natural order and couldn't let Humans expand without much respect. They won and imposed an heavily hierarchized society.
Order was kept between the two races for decades untill peace established by itself, some Humans getting high in society, mixing cultures and sciences.

Until a group of rebels, mostly Human but joined by some Aliens, rose against the established order, in the name of the past freedom.

blablabla, it's just an excuse to share superhigh technology and mix Human and Aliens.

What are Xonotic soldiers
The Alien have a true knowlegde about nature and consciousness that they were able to create some paria, unable to die as they body is cloned massively but still have only one spirit that is transfered from a body to an other.
Humans accessed to this technology and there were Alien and Human Xonotic soldiers. Even if some of them don't see it as a burden.

Counscious linked weapons
The Crylink can revert it's spread because of some advanced conscious link between the wielder and it's weapons. Same for the mind guided rockets that were upgraded after the war.

Mega armors
Most of the Xonotic soldiers are anonymous, imprisonned in heavy armors tightly bound to their metablism. Monitor, recover health, feed, sleep… With these armors simple people are transformed into incredible warriors. Those have codename: Erebus for the male Human armor, Nix for the female one. (lack an Alien anonymous Xonotic soldier)

Some Xonotic soldiers got a good place and retrieved an identity.
Ignis: kind of a sergent or so in the rebel Xonotics
Seraphina: deadly agent
Umbra: Seraphina's second
Gak: ?
Pyria: Necrotic warrior?

Map backgrounds

WARNING: this are pure proposal without a deep game inspection.
There are mostly two kind of architectures that can mix a bit: classical hyper industrial Human buildings, mostly metal, pipes, wires and lights; and more natural Alien buildings, more rocky, rounded or rought with glowing things, no fear for lava or acid rivers.

This old seashore useless offshore platform was transformed quietly in a training zone for the rebel Xonotics.

Leave'em Behind:
Training field for armor synchronization.

A powerplant, getting power with the blue liquid that is transported in small containers.

Why would you kill Xonotic soldiers? They will come back anyway.

Training, or sometime a external battle to determine who won is better than ravaging some ancient or sacred sites.

Try to have an objective. So far most stories I've read here or in other threads just focus on the setting/backstory without an actual story. Is the protagonist blasting through galaxies to save a princess? Is the princess's dad the alien admiral? Is the alien admiral your dad as well? Is the princess your sister? Eww, what a twist! .. Stuff like that. It really helps if you device your story from the end to the beginning. What you're doing there is making a story out of a game, not making a story for a game. Making a story should focus on coming up with the story first, then figuring out how to put that in a game. You're not forced to explain what everything currently existing in Xonotic is, if a singleplayer project gets launched it's going to obviously have a more relevant approach with content.

Well, thanks for the feedback. Actually my goal is to give a few elements for the entire game to be more consistent with itself than writing the big one player campaign (which I leave for when the time will come and to someone confident in writing sci-fi stories).

What made me post it was while playing (actually inciting some players to join) in [HUB] WTWRP servers I came across maps like a XXIth century city, a medieval castle that made me thought "Wow, how can I play Xonotic in that? Where are the lugger and spiked mace?". Even if it is working well for a lot of things, I'm trying to give a few background element for the game to be more consistent with itself when creating anything. Nothing more than having some background element to help (in my opinion) to create new things that feel right "Xonoticish", even if it will change to be enhanced after a few iterations and maybe a lot of thing being replaced.

Warcraft I was just a story about orcs invading the world through a portal, then there were books, a full story, Warcraft II (before or after, don't know) with nations, races… then III with more heroes, individual stories, epic wars and so.

I may end up suggesting a new set of games for the single player mode with some background text but not more. One step after an other (without pretending doing it the right way or better than anyone else).

(03-31-2010, 12:05 PM)Sepelio Wrote: OK I completed a little something for this in a few hours I had today. Its largely history but I do have the rest of what happens planned out. Was sort of approaching the word limit even though its a draft. I tried to include potential for some of the factions etc. that have been included in the artstyle thread.


With the creation of the first synthetic lifeforms and integrated cybernetic systems in 2200 all manufacturing and production was taken over by machines. This left mankind free to concentrate on new branches of research. Life extension, suspended animation and interstellar travel became common as mankind spread its wings to colonise the solar system and beyond.

All was not well however. In some colonies people began to sympathise with the synthetics who were working for them effectively as slaves. They began to crack the safety protocols that had been built in to guarantee subservience. This did not always end well. Some synthetics remained loyal, content with freedom and grateful to those who liberated them.

Other colonies were not so lucky. Liberated synthetics quickly turned violent slaughtering every living thing within several colonies. One by one these colonies dropped off communications and the systems they were in quickly named as dead zones to be avoided.

On Earth things went into turmoil as people demanded rights for synthetics or their complete annihilation. Earth's government soon realised that while the manufacturing capabilities of synthetics were required for humanity to function. They had to find some way to control them but still give the illusion of free will. A decision was made to covertly embed just one safety protocol into all of Earth's synthetics: that they would not harm any human directly unless in self defence.

After this was complete, each and every synthetic on Earth was given “free will” and allowed to continue existing. Many opted for career changes.

The synthetic problems mostly over, mankind proceeded with their exploration of the galaxy. This was given a huge boost in 2220 with the creation of the first faster than light drive which was co-developed by a number synthetics. There was now significantly less need for use of suspended animation.

In one particular system in 2250 a strange orbiting object was discovered by the exploratory ship named “The Delver”. It matched no known configuration and did not contain any metal. After collection and closer examination the conclusion was reached that it was some sort of probe. Its shell was composed of an almost sealed and extremely hard, black carbon nanotube structure with other areas that appeared to some sort of sensory organ or apparatus. It was also noted to be secreting various chemicals onto its surface including a cocktail of endorphins. Some time later another was found at a different planet in the system. And another. Something else was exploring this same system.

Weeks after a sensory anomaly was detected at the edge of the system, consistent roughly with a ship dropping out of FTL speeds. With no other human ships in the area the Delver's crew were on alert. A stream of incomprehensible signals were detected coming from the same direction. A day later and it appeared.

A large ship made of the same material as the probes approached the Delver, stopping within 500 kilometres. It began sending a series of what seemed to be communication signals, identical to those detected previously. Unable to decipher them initially the Delver's crew transmitted back a simple series of numbers. Over a period of days the two ships communicated until a rudimentary mathematical language was worked out. Apparently they had wondered why their probes had stopped transmitting. This was humanity's first encounter with the <unnamed>.

Over a period of years the two races came together to share technology and exploration. Despite the differences in culture a friendship had bloomed when at first everything had seemed so alien.

Always however there was animosity between <unnamed> and the many synthetics on Earth.

The first problems occurred in 2300. It had been found that <unnamed>s living on Earth gained a significantly longer lifespan than their fellows back home. This triggered a huge migration. The first population to be moved to make space for the new residents were the synthetics. Many protested but the decision was made and millions of synthetics were uprooted.

This led to the massacre of May, 2301. Synthetics rioting over their eviction came into direct conflict with the <unnamed> population living on Earth. Their covert programming was useless here. These were aliens, not humans. The kite string popped and a slaughter ensued. <unnamed> security personnel were not used to dealing with synthetics, their technology being largely unsuitable for it. Hundreds were killed before the EMP weapons were successfully deployed to disable the rioters.

In the aftermath millions of disillusioned synthetics upped and left, many heading to the dead zones to find true freedom. <unnamed>-human relations were on thin ice. Being the only two known biological races in the universe, it had long since been decided conflict would never be an option.

Instead a new era of exploration would unfold. An advanced exploration ship would be built and crewed by both races, with the combined technology of both. Using a specially designed launching station and drive it would be thrown at tremendous speed through the dead zones to explore the space beyond.

In 2350 the ship was launched successfully. Crewed by the best in the known universe its course held firm, passing through the dead zones safely.

After several years of exploration and star charting the ship came across an anomaly. There was a solar system with no apparent star. Several desolate planets seemed to be orbiting nothing but it was not a black hole or anything else known.

Upon further investigation, it was found they were orbiting a super massive structure, certainly the size of a star. Its surface was an almost perfect black body, masking it from the majority of detection methods. What had they found and... was it meant to be found?

A black body is something that absorbs all radiation, just so you know. The end point is where our singleplayer would begin and our characters introduced etc.

[spoiler below]
My rough idea is that this thing is basically a pandoras box. Its actually sealing a rip in space that was created in the middle of a star during an war between two uber powerful races, one in a different dimension. Those who have made it are long gone however. All races are now exploring it to see what it does.

Strange creation..Salute your creativity.. I really hope such incidence will never happen.

Nice try, spammer.

You guys should all be going for a more silly kind of story. There's no way you can make an arena shooter and have people take it seriously.

This is a post made by me in another thread. I think it would be useful here.

Some unique ideas about single player level design
There used to be some dicussion about a story based single player campaign design, like this:

But I have some good ideas and it would be helpful to make the game more popular if you release Xonotic on steam.

In my opinion the level should take advantage of Xonotic's unique game mechanics: bunny hopping, skiing, wall jumping, jetpack, grappling hook, laser guided missile...

Example 1: in an infiltration mission the player is required to catch up with a fast moving land vehicle, which moves faster than 360 ups (default ground speed of player). The player must use bunny hopping and skiing to get close, then land on it with grappling hook.

Example 2: in an infiltration mission the player (on the ground when the mission starts) is required to land on a flying airship. The ship has a locked docking bay door which must be destroyed with laser guided missile. Other weapons wont work because hitscan weapons wont do enough damage and non guided weapons can't hit a fast moving and maneuvering target. Then the player is required to jetpack up and land on it with grappling hook.

Example 3: in an assassination mission the player is required to climb along a vertical (use wall climbing) wall to the top of a building to snipe a target with NEX.

Example 4: Chase a fleeing target with bunny hopping and skiing.

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