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Poll: Shotgun needs editing?
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Shotgun stuff

Can some one provide me the shotgun.blend file?

When you whack some 1 with the shotgun u expect it to be more bulkier like the electro for example

So i want to change it...add some stuff...
But i dont want to do a complete remake
[Image: steam.gif]



thanks spaceman Big Grin

i only gotta edit the hud weapon becuse the vwep and groundwep u wont see differences
OKAYZ...whan model is done i will do a new topic.
Well it is done but i gotta eggsport as md3 and iqm

i noticed the shotgun was the old one and i downloaded the camping rifle and looks nice
[Image: steam.gif]


i have done it..alpha 1 ready just uploading
note it has no anims
AND I WANTED CURRENT VERSION not old nexuiz weps
anyways its coming
tags dont work and model doesnt shoew up

model is h_shotgun.iqm
tags are
[Image: steam.gif]


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