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Attention all server owners and web designers!!!

Hey guys, two quick things...

Firstly, we now have a mostly working player statistics system (seen here) which is... for the most part.. ready to be really put to the trial! Big Grin We want all server owners to add the line below to their configurations, so that their server sends information to the statistics host. Of course it has many bugs, but the whole point of this is to test out the system and work out the issues. Another thing to note, it is prefered that the server is an up-to-date git server -- we're fixing bugs as we go here, and older servers may still contain old bugs. It's okay to have older servers anyway, just know that your server may not display information properly as it should.

The line to add is this:
g_playerstats_uri ""

To players with older clients too.. please set cl_allow_uid2name 1 so that your client doesn't show up as "anonymous player" in the statistics. With updated servers/clients, you will see a dialog for this come up and you can choose to enable it or not in game. However, for older clients/servers this was broken, so you will have to set it manually. Note: In the future, we'll probably have some kind of choice for this in the menu where it's easy to find.

By the way, for the paranoid out there... you can totally disable statistics tracking whatsoever by setting cl_allow_uidtracking 0 - This way you just show up as a totally anonymous player, and no stats are saved about you. (By default, it's enabled so we save your stats but not your nickname)

And secondly for the other part of this forum post: We need help with development :O Right now there are essentially four people working on the statistics: divVerent and me with code, Antibody maintaining and designing the database/backend, and IR3ul web designer that works on the front end... However, we need another web designer who can help with working on the framework/design of the website as IR3ul is quite busy and can only help out in small portions. Note, the framework for the web page will also soon be used as the main website design... so if you help with the xonstat framework, it'll contribute back to the main website Big Grin also, the framework is written in Python.

Here are all the resources for the xonstat project:
Main site:
Bug tracker:
Frontend source:
Backend source:

Oh yeah, and help (programming or other) with the game itself is always welcome too. There are plenty of things we want/need done which we could use help with, as we're all limited on time. Feel free to email me at samual (at) xonotic . org if you're able to help out in some way Big Grin

Anyway, thanks everyone, remember the more you help out with this the faster we can have perhaps the most awesome feature ever Big Grin

Thanks for posting this, Samual. It has been a long time in the works and I'm happy to be putting it out there for everyone to see!

If anyone would like to discuss this project, ping me on #xonotic on freenode (I'm dfdashh there).
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

np, love it and can't wait for it to be more mature and used by default Big Grin

By the way, there are some restrictions for a match to be registered.. just wanted to add that: There must be at least 2 real players in a match for the stats server to accept the match. Also, if you leave before endmatch happens (if you aren't there for intermission) then your player is ignored from stats, you MUST be there at game end or else you get no credit.

This is due to the fact that: Statistics are sent at the end of the game, and if you leave your scores are sent to the garbage -- with no scores, there's no player to add basically.

It looks very nice, good work!

Only every match is displayed as "loss". That is a bit strange Tongue and I think it has to be "lost". I already reported it on the dev thingy.

Thanks for reporting this. I've postponed this one for a while and we're nearing a fix.

Also - I've always thought of it as win/loss, but maybe won/lost makes more sense in terms of the player page; it is like saying "Antibody won the game" (which sounds right) versus "Antibody win the game" (which definitely sounds wrong).
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Awesome. Smile

This system seams to just not show a lot of games.

I played about 1,5 hours of minsta+hook on the exile server, and only one game, that was 12 seconds long (I voted endmatch) has been displayed. While I am sure, that if all the games were recorded, I would now be on the 1st place of the player rankings.

If I look to the games played, there are huge gaps between the numbers, where did all my games go?

Yeah, my data is wrong too.
I got 1300 points on a CTF Minstagib game just 5 minutes ago and it says my score is 0 and that I've only been playing for 2 seconds:

It is brand new, however, so mistakes are bound to happen Tongue

I am out of town at the moment, so I will be looking into these issues when I get back tomorrow. Thanks to all those who have created issues to fix.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

(10-15-2011, 11:23 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: Yeah, my data is wrong too.
I got 1300 points on a CTF Minstagib game just 5 minutes ago and it says my score is 0 and that I've only been playing for 2 seconds:

It is brand new, however, so mistakes are bound to happen Tongue

I can confirm this. At least 50% of the games don't get registered, see error log:
The server is running unaltered Xonotic 0.5.

For the rest, excellent work so far!

One thing, imo the "top players" list shloud only count the players activity from the last week or month. Otherwise new people will never get into that list, making it only count games from the last week would be much better.

The games not being registered are the fault of old servers giving bad stats (no accuracy provided) some times due to a bug which we fixed- Update the server and the issue goes away. 0.5 had this bug, we fixed it, and it unfortunately can't be helped at the moment honestly unless the server owner updates to latest... I warned this in the main post, that 0.5 servers may lose some functionality or such... it's worse than I expected, but still I did say this Tongue

As for the top players, no idea how we're going to do that yet truly... However, that's really a minor detail considering what we face at the moment. Go ahead and keep posting your ideas, but for now we're going to be concerned MAINLY with getting the stats to function properly and less on the little things Big Grin

Thanks again guys, it's all been really helpful so far Big Grin

It is not fixed in the autobuild version I just installed using this script.

Gonna try the git version now..

Okay, note to everyone, we discovered another bug actually which is preventing stats from being added properly.

The stats are still logged, so we can probably later dump the missed matches back into the database (so your matches aren't totally lost maybe) -- it just has an error while reading the stats at the moment, so hopefully we can fix that soon.

I or Antibody will post any updates we have on this bug

Thanks for your effort. I think that stats will help to get more players to xonotic. People love leaderboards, awards and stuff, especially the cod/battlefield generation.
Oh and: Nexuiz doesn't have stats like that. Maybe another reason for DCC and hoctf to make the switch Wink

DCC had some stats. Tongue

I don't think they will switch soon.

DCC does have this.

Click on stats. It is not as nice as this, but they do have stats.

DCC has some stats that XonStat doesn't have and vice versa. The difference is that DCC uses the eventlog whereas XonStat uses POST requests from the server upon endmatch. Probably the biggest difference between the two lies in tracking - if you change your nick on DCC it doesn't aggregate your stats. XonStat is able to track you across nick changes (if you change your clan tag, colors, etc).

Samual and divVerent are working hard towards closing the gap between the two, but it will take some time.
(10-15-2011, 11:23 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: Yeah, my data is wrong too.
I got 1300 points on a CTF Minstagib game just 5 minutes ago and it says my score is 0 and that I've only been playing for 2 seconds:

I looked into your data to see why it isn't registering correctly. I believe it has something to do with non-ascii characters in your name that the app can't handle (these show up as foreign characters in the console). This is a bigger issue that I'm not sure how to fix at the moment, but I'm aware of it.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

My games do not show up too, and I only use normal letter, {}, and /. And colors Smile

The DCC stats are a nice gimmick but not very useful because the data is linked to a single nickname instead of an unique id (what Antibody said) and people keep changing their nicks all the time so in other words -> useless stats.

Quote:I believe it has something to do with non-ascii characters in your name that the app can't handle (these show up as foreign characters in the console)

I heard from one player that he couldn't get his nickname on XonStats (only sees his stats as AnonymousPlayer), even though he has cl_allow_uid2name 1 set. That player in question also has some special characters in his nickname which furthermore starts with an ^. In worst case you could delete all non-ascii chars when parsing the data I guess.

Mepper, I've found out the issue with your player record. It is easily fixed, but it does involve some effort on my part.

asy7um, can you share with me (via PM if it is sensitive) this player's nick? I have all the logs and I can check.

Overall I'm very happy with the testing results. We've identified issues across the board - web frontend, database, Xonotic code, and web server code. I'll continue to fix stuff on my end and work with others to get the other areas under control!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

It looks like a similar issue happens with my server. It's probably related, as the name starts with:


where <U+E0D2> is a R in a special Xonotic font, and U+E0CD is a M.
BRLOGENSHFEGLE (core dumped)

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Those are the last two nicks I got of him. I can ask him about his player id later when he's online.

If you can gimme all my games back I'd be really happy Antibody!

Mepper, can you try to play a game w/ someone today and let me know if it shows up? Your specific issue was nick length related. If it does not show up, let me know the server, map, and time so I can check further.

I can't give you a promise on getting your games back at this point. I'm primarily trying to focus on fixing the issues rather than keeping the score data 100% accurate.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

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