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Rcon2IRC [Windows]

Hi again,

After some testing, i finally got Rcon2IRC working on Windows:

- System Requirements

Strawberry Perl:

- Rcon2IRC Setup

Install Strawberry Perl (from above link)

Extract the 2 files from to C:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\Digest

Add this alias to your Xonotic server.cfg:
alias rcon2irc_eval "$*"log_dest_udpsv_logscores_console 0sv_logscores_bots 1sv_eventlog 1sv_eventlog_console 1alias rcon2irc_say_as "set say_as_restorenick \"$sv_adminnick\"; sv_adminnick \"$1^3\"; say \"^7$2\"; rcon2irc_say_as_restore"alias rcon2irc_say_as_restore "set sv_adminnick \"$say_as_restorenick\""alias rcon2irc_quit "echo \"quitting rcon2irc $1: log_dest_udp is $log_dest_udp\""

Navigate to Xonotic/server/rcon2irc, then make a copy of rcon2irc-example.conf. Name the copy rcon2irc.conf. Now open rcon2irc.conf in a text editor, and change the first 7 settings to match your server and the IRC network and channel you want the Rcon2IRC bot to connect to. Give the bot a good name too! The rest of the config doesnt matter for now. If the server is running on your computer, you can use or localhost as the dp_server.

Open a command prompt (Win+R > cmd), cd into the Rcon2IRC directory (e.g. cd C:\rcon2irc), and type this: "perl rcon2irc.conf" without quotes. If it fails to start, scroll down to Common Errors.

- Common Errors

- If you get "dp << sv_cmd bansstatus 1log_dest_udprcon2irc_eval set dummy 1" repeated, open rcon2irc.conf & uncomment dp_secure 0 (remove the # from the front of the command), & type these commands in your Xonotic server console: "rcon_secure 0; rcon_password password" without quotes, make sure "password" matches dp_password in rcon2irc.conf. Now, run "perl rcon2irc.conf" in Command Prompt again and see if you get the same problem. If this does not fix the issue, make sure you're not G-Lined (banned) from the IRC server.

- If you restart Rcon2IRC while your Xonotic server is running, type this in the Xonotic server console: rcon2irc_eval. This will fix a few problems, including "<set> dummy" spam.

- Optional things to change in rcon2irc.conf:

- You can announce when someone joins or leaves your server, uncomment the "plugins =" line and add "". The line should look like this when you are done: "plugins =" Seperate plugins with a space, e.g. "plugins ="

- You can announce map changes and free slots on IRC by uncommenting #irc_announce_mapchange = always and #irc_announce_slotsfree = 1 respectively.

- If you're getting "ctf_runningmanctf has begun (9 free slots); join now: nexuiz +connect localhost:26000" whenever there is a new map change and want to show the real IP to connect to, uncomment dp_server_from_wan = and add the WAN IP to connect to, so it looks like this: "dp_server_from_wan =" You can find out what your WAN IP address is at:

- Using this custom, you can remove the need to highlight the IRC bot's name to chat to the server from IRC:

- If you use an IRC bouncer, you can use this custom to define the IRC password:
Add "irc_password = password" (without quotes) to your rcon2irc.conf.

- You can also control your Xonotic from IRC, by uncommenting the "plugins =" line and adding "" (e.g. "plugins =" - Seperate plugins with a space, e.g. "plugins =") in rcon2irc.conf, then uncomment "irc_admin_password =" & add a desired password (e.g. "irc_admin_password = R2C0N"). Next, type this in your IRC client: "/query botname" (change "botname" to your Rcon2IRC bot's IRC nick), then type "login password" ("password" being the irc_admin_password you specified in rcon2irc.conf). IRC admin control works similar to Rcon in Xonotic, except instead of "rcon", you use "raw dp" (e.g. "raw dp timelimit inf").

Thanks for reading, & I hope this guide helps those with Rcon2IRC questions/problems,
[Image: 230.png]

Mario, if that'll work - you're THE HERONESS!!!

Trying to get rcon2irc to work for a felt aeon now.
I'll try this in the next days.

AND a great ' YAY ' to your with-quotes and without-quotes mentionings.
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

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