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Poll: Hoverboards as the std mode of movement in Xonotic?
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Awesome, love the idea
10 34.48%
No, that would not be my type of thing
14 48.28%
maybe, forexample alongside the other models.
5 17.24%
Total 29 vote(s) 100%
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[SUGGESTION] Hoverboards etc

I cannot agree with the idea presented here more, it would give the Xonotic a look all its own. instead of skates though, how about something like rollerblades, i'm thinking it would integrate better into armour designs and the sort.
How long is a piece of string?

Don't turn Xonotic into Warsow or Red Eclipse, please. Sure, it looks/feel cool, but look at the big picture. We can't have every cool feature that exists.

I was under the impression that it's not feature, merely an animation type that makes up for shortcomings of the animation system in its current state.
How long is a piece of string?

Oopsy, I somehow made a wrong connection when I read parkour.

Well that was the main idea... however I think once you have a nice and logical animation for the current movement-type, one could think about what logical additions one could make to the movement also. Not really parkour, as that is already covered by Warsow and RedEclipse, but maybe some things like high-speed sliding along curved surfaces or such (which would also be a nice addition to the speed-run type gameplay so popular with Xonotic).

In praxis this could for example be done by pressing crounch while holding space for bunny-hop to go into slide mode (think: ice-scating, where only space is pushing oneself with the legs, while space and crounch is that partially crounched position high speed ice-scaters take to slide at high speed). Maps would have to be modified for this to work though.

I can hear the gaming world laughing at us now... It's echoing into my brain...

The idea of playing any FPS on a skateboard or rocket boots is ridiculous. Bunnyhopping may look ridiculous as well, but at least it has already been accepted by the greater majority of the fps gamers at this point. When you play, just think of yourself as "Twinkle-toes" and you'll be fine.
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Laughed at from 12 year old Call of Duty players maybe :p

No... but obviously it would have to be made in a proper way.
while not exactly the type of movement I have in mind looks pretty cool, doesn't it?
Yet it is a "character" sliding along a surface on what could be called "rocket boots" :p

It shouts "gimmick" in a world where most of the hardcore gamers want simple items, picmip, and guns made from used toilet paper rolls.
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This is a great idea! When you consider the speed at which the player travels and the futuristic theme, something like this makes sense.

I have to wonder how many of the no votes are people that didn't understand the original proposition.

I think if someone were to do the work(and a good job at it) and present a modified mega erebus model that used a hoverboard or skates, people might actually prefer this. I guess that's the problem with suggestions like this though, who's gonna do the work?

Btw... how would one do some fancy particle effects in DP? I can't find anything about that on the wiki and for making "rocket boots" something like that would probably a requirement Wink

What do you call fancy particle effects? Here's what effectinfo can do

Yes something like that... however just from a text file good looking particles are hard to do... besides it seems like you can only test them by changing the QuakeC code of the game?
Also is it possible to attach a particle emitter to a model?

Ahh well... since I am not really planning to do it, it's probably a waste of time to investigate Undecided And as always tools are a bit lacking Sad

Question: If someone were to make a mega erebus with a different set of animations, could he just be added to the game? I see no downside to adding such a character assuming the animations look good in the game, and it doesn't somehow alter gameplay.

Naa... nilfrek is right, spending much time making a new animation set before the actual animation backend isn't changed to a setup allowing animation blending is probably not worth the effort.

I like the idea. Movement in Xonotic is fast and simple to handle, one of Xon's strongest points imho. But it simple doesn't feel like running und shouldn't be represented by a running person. +1 for the hoverboard.

I think the best thing to do aesthetically (IF it becomes possible to add such animations) would be to take a page from Tribes: Ascend and put boosters on the boots of all of the characters. In Tribes 4, the boosters on characters turn on when they're skiing and turn off when they're running or standing still. Another idea would be implementing boosters on the characters similar to how they're implemented on the ACs in Armored Core. If such a change was made to the character models, then would be recommended to animate them in a way where the seem to be hovering across the ground (picture how Super Sonic would move if were carrying a gun) as opposed to jumping repeatedly. Other neat touches (I imagine this would be difficult or impossible with the current setup though) would be the characters changing their footing each time they make a turn.


Oh wait.

I like Lee's idea. How about making it look like someone is sprinting and putting one foot in front of another, but with boosters attached? That will match what you experience when you bunnyhop in 1st person. I don't think there should just be hovering, there should be some bobbing up and down too.

(07-23-2012, 09:40 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: I like Lee's idea. How about making it look like someone is sprinting and putting one foot in front of another, but with boosters attached? That will match what you experience when you bunnyhop in 1st person. I don't think there should just be hovering, there should be some bobbing up and down too.

Then the way Shadow was animated in Sonic Adventure 2 would be a better idea. My guess is (not an animator, so I don't know) the current jump animation can be replaced something that would make the character look like they're skating when they're running and a booster effect would appear on the the bottom of the character's feet.

NOTE: Look at Shadow's run animation. You will notice that he is actually using boosters similar to those in Tribes 4 to skate and he even bobs up and down a bit as he does. This would be the perfect way to fix the aesthetics of player movement within Xonotic.

Oh wait.

Hmm, dunno, the Sonic stuff looks just like rollerblading, which I find visually not very pleasing as it lacks "awesomeness" Wink

Adding boosters like in Tribes and slightly changing runanimations while bunnyhopping is basically the idea we discussed earlier about the "power boots". IMHO that would be probably the easiest, but it would also not really lend itself to cool additions to the movement and also wouldn't be very novel.

I think a hoverboard with snowboard like curving animation would sufficiently well describe a "bobbing" viewport. Maybe something not actually physical, e.g. some sort of energy boosters in the boots that "pop out" when you start bunnyhopping and end up looking like a board of some sort would be cool?

Board would also create some player influx aged 12-14 Wink And remember we also have ramp jump in addition to bunny that needs to be explained. But I think for ramp jump both board and boosters would do.

I'd be in for the boosters on shoes. I think this might be integrated with less effort than any board solution, would look nice plus would not have any impact on the basic physics of the game which should remain as they are imho.
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