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Poll: How often do you use Rocket Launcher's Alt Fire?
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27 75.00%
6 16.67%
3 8.33%
Total 36 vote(s) 100%
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[Poll] How often do you use Rocket Launcher's Alt Fire?

I suck and I'm curious if the time spent guiding the rocket and then detonating it is worth it over using another weapon.

What are your thoughts?

Rocket launcher secondary fire is a VERY USEFUL feature, as is guiding.

I frequently use both features, for
  1. getting rockets to places that are not reachable by line of sight,
  2. for HITTING a target in the first place (I have a fuzzy aim, so I almost always need to detonate the rocket NEAR the target as I don't hit anyway),
  3. pushing/hitting flying targets,
  4. pushing myself back onto the map if I fall off a space map again, and
  5. for giving me extra jump boost in mid-air when flying around.

Of course ONLY using rocket launcher will not make you happy unless you play weapon arena, you should go for weapon combos. In mid range closed quarters rocket/mortar combo is one that I like very much.
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in my opinion, one of the best weapon features we have! Smile
rocket launcher FTW!
btw here's a nice rocket frag video (using guiding, not remote detonation, but anyway):
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Somewhere between frequently and rarely, because I don't use rockets all that much.

But certainly, this is pretty unique and one of the defining features for this weapon set.

i find the gun a bit weak still , sigh....

* chooksta wishes for old day rocket

bit more speed , bit more curve ftw :p



chooksta, it seems like you didn't use the new rocketlauncher which is faster than the one from 0.5. It's one of the most powerful weapons in the game if you know how to use it. I often deal most damage (in the last few duels 4k actual damage, watch e.g. here) with it in duels lately.

I use the guide every time, but score most of my splash damage off the ground or walls. I use remote detonation more in ctf and the like where traversing long distances quickly is important.

Can someone explain hoe to use Rocket Launcher? Smile

How to guide and detonate?

You can guide it if you hold the primary mode-button (default: Mouse1) and move your mouse around.
You detonate it if you use the secondary (default: Mouse2).

Thank you!

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