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[FIXED] Force models and colors

Hello everyone!

I noticed that when I set force models and colors to mine it works only in singleplayer campaign. In multiplayer everyone have their own models. I tried several servers, tried to restart game etc. I don't use this feature but someone else on server where I played said about this problem so i decided to post here. Is it a bug? How can it be fixed? Huh

It only works for servers running xonotic 0.6 that hasn't disabled csqc players (for better compatibility with older 0.5 client). For example it look like the popular DCC servers are using sv_use_csqc_players 0.
So waiting a few days or weeks the time people migrate, and this feature will be available for most servers.

Great, thanks for answer!

(03-10-2012, 11:53 AM)Ronan Wrote: For example it look like the popular DCC servers are using sv_use_csqc_players 0.

That was indeed true, to improve compatibility with 0.5 clients.
But now it has been activated on the DCC servers since 0.6 is available for everyone.
[Tue Aug 5 2008] [00:15:01] <Ronan`> RoKenn, you're an evil person Tongue

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