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[SOLVED] Can't See Custom User Models/Textures

Lately I've been playing a lot on the "Jeff's Vehicle Server", which I find extremely fun, except for that one of the players that is on there a lot uses a Pony model which will not load, basically, all I see is their gun. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this by forcing a download of all models/textures or forcing standard models/textures.

I've tried looking into the documentation, but nothing has worked from what I've seen (mostly it telling me that I can only download once per map Dodgy ).


Perhaps one of the file was corrupted? Check your dlcache/ directory to see whether there's any size 0 files? If so, delete them and restart the program.

Thanks, I found a few that were at 0, but I'm not going to be able to verify until I play again with the player using that pony model.

Also, if necessary, would I be able to simply remove all the files in that directory just to make sure? I'm not sure if that would break anything.

Yes, you can delete all files in dlcache/
Those files are custom content downloaded when joining a server. (Like unofficial maps)

Okay, I just played with the guy, it looks like deleting those files worked. Thanks!

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