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[NEEDS INFO] Missing player models

I don't know what happened, but recently I get console flooded with messages like this, and all models are forced to Erebus, with some synthesized and unintelligible taunts (instead of standard "Wimp", "Pussy" or "Yeah")

How to fix it? Thx in advance.

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Autobuild. Today's one, but had it since yesterday.

Wait until tomorrow's, I guess. If the compile happens at the wrong commit, bad bugs can get in.

Which server did it happen on? My guess would be that you were missing a pk3 that servers needs and download was broken, there are no player models with those names in master.

Local game.

I have 0.6 on standby and I can jump to that if the autobuild has any major bugs in it. Crazy issue you got there son! Smile

^Funny thing, I've downloaded 0.6 again, and guess what? The same thing happens!

Owch. Perhaps you broke something in your configs. Rename your personal data directory and see if it works then.

Delefting config.cfg did the trick. How did it get messed up in the first place, remains a mystery.

(06-12-2012, 03:00 PM)rafallus Wrote: Delefting config.cfg did the trick. How did it get messed up in the first place, remains a mystery.

You ought to look at the old config.cfg(if you still have it) and see if any settings look odd.

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