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[SOLVED] sdl.dll missing wind8.1

hello. I am trying to help my friend play xonotic and he tries to run the appropriate exe and it tells him sdl.dll is missing when it is in the folder. idk if this can be fixed via config but... any help is appreciated Smile

windows 8.1
12 gigram
intel i7
intel hd graphics 4600

Xonotic should include SDL.dll. Can you check that it's there, in the same directory as the .exe file?

Can you give us more details on how exactly your friend is launching the game, and what version of Xonotic it is and where he got it from?

sdl.dll is in the folder already and he runs it via double click like any other exe
as of other detailos there isnt much else i can telly you unless you give me specific questions.
still thx for the reply

srry about this my friend is an idiot and didnt unzip it this ill delete this thread tomorow

It's fine, don't delete it. It might happen to someone else and this information will be helpful.

Glad you worked it out Smile

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