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[SOLVED] What is the difference between SDL and GLX client?


The title says it all.

I always wanted to know but I was afraid to ask Wink
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Here's the Wikipedia page on SDL:

Sometimes one or other version performs better. Sometimes one or other version has problems with input devices. Depending upon your system YMMV. In my experience SDL is more likely to be faster.

Try benchmarking both with the-big-benchmark and seeing if there is a difference.
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actually in my case glx was faster for 0.5 ... but for the current autobuild glx has problems with the sound crashing ... and sdl has sped up so they are now at equal speed. Glx also crashes for my when I hit the apply settings button in effects and video settings ... sdl does not crash....

so ... I really don't know what the diffrence is either

I've tried SDL one and:

-I don't get a brief lockup on startup, like with GL version,
-But OTOH all sounds in game are delayed for 0.4-0.5 seconds.

What os/executable rafallus?

btw 0.6's sdl and glx have quite the same perfomance on my win7x64 pc. But there is some problems with mouse pointer focus in sdl version, and sometimes it is getting me away from the game to the desktop.

On ubuntu 12.04alpha2 sdl version has +20% higher perfomance then glx. But there is the problem with the screen, it has some black lines at the bottom and the top.

Quote:What os/executable rafallus?

Core 2 Duo E8400
ATI Technologies Inc. ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series 3.2.9704 Compatibility Profile Context
Windows XP x64

64-bit executable.

for some-reason glx doesn't save replays on mine but sdl does

windows + sdl-64 is fail atm, try the wgl or 32bit sdl instead.

SDL: Simple directmedia layer-
GLX: OpenGL -
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