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[NEEDS INFO] Emily's Dedicated Thread For Questions and Help Seek.

Hi there! Still alive here. Tongue

Hope experts and non-experts could help a lot on this thread. From now on "I will try" to use this only thread for posting all my questions and help-seek about this game, Xonotic. Please bear with me if you have questions because I am not always online and non-expert.

1.) Single Player / Offline. [F1] key to switch all weapons randomly? Randomly, like machine gun currently/recently used should not switch until all other weapons already switched.

2.) Single Player / Offline. [F2] key toggle weapon handling left screen and right-screen? Like from Menu, Multiplayer >> Player Setup >> Weapon Settings >> Draw First Person Weapon Model >> Left Align / Center Align / Right Align.

3.) Single Player / Offline. Most useful console commands tweak list, like God Mode?

4.) Single Player / Offline. Bindkey. Auto switch weapon randomly after releasing the fire key?

5.) Single Player / Offline. Auto fire, instantly even when crosshair hover target in 1 percent then instantly stop when not. For full and semi automatic weapon. I read someone asking like this before somewhere on other game title. And it was said developers are prohibited for providing like this even in single player offline mode. I am aware that it would not enhanced the shooting skills. But I think it is great to have something like this, especially for small kids. I saw them frustrated not killing even a single bot - then stop playing it. I mean, there are tons of tweaks provided even some of it are not actually useful. Okay developers would not do it - can you do it (of course for free)?

6.) Single Player / Offline. [F4] key to teleport to crosshair instantly.

7.) Why I feel dizzy whenever I play this but not other similar games? Room lighting is brighter or very bright than the computer or the lamp lit toward your face might source of dizziness. I tried to play totally in the dark still the same. Again, only this game.

Thanks in advanced. Heart

Asking devs to code a trigger bot for xonotic?

Id advice against "small kids" playing Xonotic at all Wink

I think 1, 2 and 4 are all quite good ideas and could be implemented in multiplayer seeing as they're all client side.

Idea 3 is also good, but you should wait until there is proper documentation - there are still a lot of cvars and things that still need explaining.

But Ideas 5 or 6 are completely useless. They make the game WAY too easy, even for noobs and if they make their way into multiplayer... THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE. Tongue

1 and 4. Try Nix mutator.

2. I don't think you change handedness that often, it's more like "set once, and keep playing like that".

3. As above, I'd wait for proper documentation.

5. Well

Quote:Id advice against "small kids" playing Xonotic at all


6. How? Crosshairs go down the line, so which point would that be? Besides, I assume you mean teleporting for spectators only, don't you?

7. I'm sure that's indvidual thing. I once was getting headaches from any 3D game I've played, but that time is gone. But do make sure you're not playing augenkrebs map :E

No offense, but 1 makes no sense. You want a "weapon shuffle" function if I understand this right. Xonotic is not an mp3 player.

2. bind F2 toggle cl_gunalign 3 4

6. Use the grappling hook

I experienced dizziness with minecraft, it disappeared when I disabled view bobbing. See if that helps in xonotic.

(03-15-2012, 11:54 AM)emilydale1993 Wrote: key to switch all weapons randomly?
Spinning the scroll wheel on your mouse round really fast and seeing what weapon it lands on? Best I can come up with now. Undecided
(03-15-2012, 11:54 AM)emilydale1993 Wrote: 3.) Single Player / Offline. Most useful console commands tweak list, like God Mode?
Definitely a documentation thing but would be brilliant to have this on the wiki as there are so many commands and different experiences with different options would help here.
(03-15-2012, 11:54 AM)emilydale1993 Wrote: 6.) Single Player / Offline. [F4] key to teleport to crosshair instantly.
Have you tried the jetpack or grappling hook? This should allow you to fly round as much as needed! You can set this up when creating a new game amongst all of the mutators.
(03-15-2012, 11:54 AM)emilydale1993 Wrote: 7.) Why I feel dizzy whenever I play this but not other similar games?
As suggested, bobbing is probably the problem. Back in the day with Quake there were people who complained of seasickness when playing and it was down to bobbing and also camera yaw settings. Have a play round with them, there's a certain point where it's frighteningly like being drunk!
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