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aim bot on intoxicated minstagib server

Merjlin (or whom ever this concerns) here is the demo of the bot. The first minute is me playing then I start spectating him. Not sure who the owner is of 'Intoxicated Minstagib'

That looks 100% the style of l3x to me. This guy is an Australian player who used to seem a very decent guy, then realised that people would like him a whole lot more if he showed us how awesome he was by making an aimbot and using it on public servers. You can see from The Nex Offenders List that he has been banned numerous times from Australian Nexuiz servers. In general, however, banning him is not very effective, since he is able to get a new ip very fast, and so rejoin to bring more joy to the other players.

It should also be noted that he has been known on several occasions to aimbot under other players' names. In fact I would not be surprised if ".Pughar" is soon seen aimbotting somewhere else in the near future.

Basically the guy is a huge noopface; he has been ostracised from the Australian community as much as possible, but I guess we will have to wait for the Xonotic user authentication system for a more reliable way of keeping him out. I apologise on behalf of the Antipodes for this contribution to the worldwide Nexuiz community... we are not all as bad as this one person.

pwnt use many fake names but he is already banned on our PK server,we dont support cheaters! ,THX for this info

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