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[BOT] Clan Xonotic Fragmovie

Here it is!
Our 3rd movie (#1 / #2), but the first one in Xonotic.
Yet again not much editing etc.


gl hf

(Disclaimer: The ending might be NSFW. Tongue)


Yay!!! Watching atm. Smile

EDIT: Nice editing (especially intro), good music, excellent frags and horrible config, 9/10! Smile

Good music & editing and some nice frags, especially the ones with rockets!

I remember every hotdog's frag against me on that movie Big Grin

Nice shots BOTs!

Happy to see that the story goes on Smile

Wow!Good work guys!
(I'm glad that i didn't got asskicked in the vid Big Grin)
[Image: 22172.png]

nice one!
[Image: 29271.png]

<Samual> Everybody better be playing I Wish by Skee-Lo, it is the song of my duels!

Added download URL to opening post.

Thanks a lot for this nice vid! A lot of fun frags and nice shots! A big thumbs up for the continued activity and support of the BOT clan in the Xonotic community! Also, congratulations on eight years of BOT!

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