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Increase mixer headroom and fix the mute buttons.
2 33.33%
Increase mixer headroom.
0 0%
Fix the mute buttons.
2 33.33%
Leave things as they are.
2 33.33%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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[SUGGESTION] Increase mixer headroom and fix the mute buttons.


I've been touching this thing before but I have a new idea (I've been thinking about this for a long time).

My idea is to make game's default values for all mixer strips except master -10dB.

This makes it easy to boost (for egz.) music above other sounds without making the master too loud leading to clipping. GIves the user headroom. Right now if I want to have music louder than everything I need to pull all faders down instead of pushing on up.

Also: please make the mute buttons not change the fader position.

What do you think?
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

(03-22-2012, 10:17 PM)unfa Wrote: Also: please make the mute button not change the fader position.

Ideally I want to
1) mute a mixer / sound channel
2) adjust that mixers volume
3) unmute it and enjoy the new volume level

I also want to be able to
1) mute a chan
2) quit Xonotic
3) start Xonotic
4) unmute a chan and remember its previous value
(like KDE3 and 4)

Storing mute sound chan values as -ve values and using a separate check box and slider to control the muted/unmuted state and volume values could fix this problem.

A simple fix for Terence H or inclusion in the next Xonotic Xummer of Code?

This has annoyed me since pre Xonotic days.

5) ....
6) profit !

what has really annoyed me though is the fact that the voulme buttons on my keyboard don't work when xonotic is open fullscreen ... I have to keep ctrl alt f1 to get to alsa mixer just because I started xonotic with my sound muted ...

hutty, can you try to set vid_netwmfullscreen 1 ? Try that with both glx and sdl.

If that doesn't work, see if kde has a shortcut to fullscreen an app. If there is one, set these cvars:
set vid_fullscreen 0
set vid_resizable
set vid_width xxxx
set vid_height yyyy
where xxxx yyyy is your screen resolution. Then, fullscreen the window using kde's shortcut after starting the game.

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