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The big XPM / competitive gaming thread

Quote:I don't see why or how you would want to enforce mental timing of items as the only non-cheat way.
The "how" is difficult indeed, one can always have a friend sitting next to you, timing items. But the "why": timing items is a part of gameplay and takes notably skill when being under pressure. If you and div would draw a clear line with your view on things we should have waypoints for megaitems too.

Quote:You're proposing to axe a useful console command because somebody might be using it to time items, which they can do otherwise with a little more effort. This would therefore mostly affect "legitimate" uses of defer.
I'm proposing to either disable the command during online gameplay (as with fullbright e.g.), or include it into guides so new players can use it as well.

Quote:Using defer is no different from using a hardware clock or a small piece of software to do the exact same thing. It's of course easier with defer, but there are alternatives to it, should it be removed.
With that logic we could also include a trigger bot and a lag hack as those can be easily done with a small piece of software too..

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RE: The big XPM / competitive gaming thread - by asyyy - 03-29-2012, 05:47 AM

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