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Flimflam's all like hai gais!

Warning: new aussie alert!

Been playing X full time since about Octember last year. Before that played Nexuiz for a while... but no Aussie playors left so was playing on DCC and the like for months with 300 odd ping until I made the switch. Good practice!

You may have seen me pwning various n00bs but nobody else but watch out!

Come say hai to myself and the other cool guys on Xonotic Australia Votable sometime.

Welcome to Xonotic!

(04-04-2012, 12:52 AM)rad dj flimflam Wrote: ...
Come say hai to myself ...

"Hai to myself"
Welcome here Flimflam, nice to see the Aussie Community growing.

Mr. "t" - we're wating for your comment ;-)
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]


(actually this is a "Hai" in my language: )

[Image: int_haie_weisshai_g.jpg]
[Image: 21.png]
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High you special high pinger Big Grin
The mind is like a parachute, it only works, if it is open!

welcome flimflabbering ninjring master of xon dojo son of a nex RAAAD dudeeeeeeeeeee Smile
[Image: 1328.png]

Hay Mirio - how disturbingly appropriate; I also must continue to swim otherwise I'll drown... flimflam's all like a hai, gais kekeke Big Grin

Son of a NEX! His neurokinetix are off the chart! Tongue Osiris minion, sweet! Join the flam clan, add a rad dj..... See y 'all in game Smile

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