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hi there xonotic players, i just want to let you know that nexuiz/xonotics first family has been launched! We want to let people of different clans meet up in one community and share friendship ingame and maybe even outside that g.e. Facebook. Also obf isn't a clan! Its a way to let people know that we care about friendly people in xonotic and nexuiz. Its an idea of [Freak]inger and me and we hope we will get your support as well and we hope to see you all joining this community soon!!

Forum: (still working on it)

Kind regards,


I like the spirit of this. Just make sure you're not encouraging a splitting of the community with that Smile
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Haha no thats not what we want Wink


Quote:All persons are equal.
Sounds great!

Quote:The trial time will be as long as the admins think its necessary and they will let you know when you can use the tag.
Admins? Trial time? Doesn't sound equal. :x

Quote:OBF isn't a Political family, if we catch you talking about politics or if we see you saying racist things you will be kicked out and we will warn every clan about the way you acted.
Erm, ok?

Quote:OBF family members are from different clans! So be friendly to everybody in this forum. The only thing that matters is the fact that we are One Big Family.
This sounds a little scary now..

Quote:OBF isn't a clan! so dont make any clanwars with clans because we are a family.

Yea because playing in a team with friends/family would be a disgusting thing to do? Tongue

Haha xd yeh sorry the rules need to update. + yes there are admins but the only thing they do more is forum and irc administration so it is equel in a way. The trial is still being discussed about because some people dont want it some people do. The politics rule should be editted because now it seems like u cant say anything possitive about it eider but the rule is there because somebody descriminated women because the political party he supports says so. We are still working on the forums so also on the rules.


Rules = updated now. Its because my english isn't as good that i cznt express what i mean. Also you can vote f we should do trial or not in the OBF news topic.


> somebody descriminated women because the political party he supports says so.

I wonder what party did this. PM if you must :)

Also banning all politics chat because of some douchebag and his problems is a bit overkill, don't you think? Not that Xonotic is not all about overkills. ;)
chooksta Wrote:640t ought to be enuf for antibody
- microsoft windows

Well it wasn't with a xonotic player we had a problem. But it was somebody (i'm not goong to name) who said womens didn't have rights etc and his excuse was that his political party said it. So to make sure he or somebody else cant use an excuse like that we made the rule

EDIT: he didn't say which party it was just an excuse i think


O and we allready changed the rule a bit. You can talk about politics but not discriminate cause of it etc


I think the best thing to do is just have a rule against idiots :p
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

Quote:You can talk about politics but not discriminate cause of it etc
You may not discriminate mikeusa because of his political views either then Smile

That's not what discrimination means.
[Image:]640K ought to be enough for anybody.
     ― Linux Torvalds

Then I'm awaiting your explanation on what discrimination means.

[Image:]640K ought to be enough for anybody.
     ― Linux Torvalds

Good idea Wink no that wouldn't be nice of me Smile


I see.

What do you see? Smile

1. hmmm, if I join I have to wear some kind armband with OBF sewn on it?

2. Are you vegetarians, there?

3.What's the 'Trial'? Does it require ability to sing national songs?

4. 'obf' tag is required in-game?

And sorry, can't help noticing that One Big Family seems a bit like socialism or something, no offense. Wink

(04-13-2012, 10:47 AM)asy7um Wrote: I see.

To be more serious: it's alright to have political opinions, it's alright to disagree with other people's opinion, but being arrogant about them is not cool. Banning somebody based on their opinions is discrimination whereas banning them for their hostile actions is not.
[Image:]640K ought to be enough for anybody.
     ― Linux Torvalds


1. Explain this plz
2. No we're not
3. There is no tial
4. No you dont have to cause i know there will be people who wont.

How's that? This isn't politics...

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