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Animated 3d models ... how?

I think it can be done (the spinning fan) models but I cant figure it out
I'm using blender to export to either md3 or iqm ...
but anytime I export xonotic doesn't show anything!
do I need to animate bones?
can I animate w/out bones?
is a texture required for it to appear (objs will show up fine with checkers)

here is my irc chat where I explained my steps ... yes I did actually get blender to export the iqms... and it still doesn't work

<hutty> :: installing iqm blender script
<hutty> ... they support like ... every verison of blender ... this iqm stuff is very well supported
<Morphed__> you can also convert half life 2 smds to iqm
<Morphed__> and valve have even better support
<hutty> .. i just crashed blender ... (not related to the export script)
<hutty> ... the laod factory settigns button doesn't work very well
<hutty> hmm... its not appearing in the add-on list
<hutty> must have copied it wrong ... blenders "install addon button worked"
<hutty> :: opening crappy test model
<hutty> ? in the export script there are a bunch of boxes... above the boxes there is a thing that says "Animations:" and then a text entry field ... what an I supposed to type in the box?
<hutty> "yes please"?
<hutty> "y"
<hutty> "yup"
<hutty> "of course"
<hutty> >.<
<hutty> oh ... its in the readme
<hutty> no i have to figure out how to save the animation as an action ... and then type the action name in the box ...
<hutty> oh ... its allready BubeAction.001 ... ha
<hutty> Cube ... not Bube
<hutty> ::exported as both obj and iqm
<hutty> Morphed__: what is the diffrence between misc_model and misc_gamemodel?
<Morphed__> model is built into map, game is spawned by gamecode like players or ammo boxes
<Ronan> more difficult question, what is the difference between misc_gamemodel and misc_clientmodel ? Wink
<hutty> ::testing map now
<hutty> i would assume client model is ... client side only ... the server wouldn't be involved
<Morphed__> im guessing that clienmodel is clientside and gamemodel is serverside
<Morphed__> clientmodel is broken in some cases
<Ronan> okay ty, the entities description wasn't very clear
<Morphed__> its just guessing
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<hutty> ... only one of the models showed up...
<hutty> (also xonotic crashed when I tried to make it unfull screen ad locked up my x server ... probably has something to do with the 4 hours on minecraft I playerearlier)
<hutty> anyways a few questions
<hutty> do I have to have a skeleton to animate? ... or can I just use keyframes...
<hutty> how do I spawn a misc_gamemodel from the xonotic console
<hutty> it seems all the turotials are on player models ... is it even possible to put an animated model in a map? (I have seen it done in alien arena ... but that is a diffrent engine ...)
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<hutty> still doens't appear...
<hutty> im done with this for today ... I'll pester the forum people about this later ...

does anyone know how to do this?!?

Hey Hutty,

if you like I could explain that stuff step by step on IRC.
So far I've made good experience with animated MD3 and IQM, though I prefer MD3.

Anyway, if you find some time I will tell you each step and give you some good exporter for blender 2.49 (if that is ok for you.)

If there are more people interested I could make a quick video on how to export md3 animated with or without armature.

I'm on #exile.xonotic #xonotic.pickup

IRC-name ( and real name Big Grin ) Christian
[] qb!t

video would be awesome

I am using blender 2.5.8
I could downgrade though...

and I am often on the #xonotic and the #xonotic.editing channels ... i think i'll join the pickup channel ...

although if you could breifly type the steps here for everyone else to see that would be nice ... I don't always have a large chunk of available chat time

oh.. and welcome to the forums qbit Big Grin

entity inspector Wrote:A way to load models from a map by the engine (e.g. self-animated zym models).
Is non-solid by default.
The keys below actually apply to most engine-loaded model entities as they are engine features; however, they are described here as they aren't overridden by game code in misc_gamemodel. Its q3map2 keys below will work on any brush entity!
-------- KEYS --------
model : when used as a point entity, file name of model to load; when used as a brush entity, do not specify that
frame : animation frame to play (for self-animated zym models)
skin : number of skin to load (when model is used)
movetype : way in which it moves: one of 0 = NONE, 1 = ANGLENOCLIP, 2 = ANGLECLIP, 3 = WALK, 4 = STEP, 5 = FLY, 6 = TOSS, 7 = PUSH, 8 = NOCLIP, 9 = FLYMISSILE, 10 = BOUNCE, 11 = BOUNCEMISSILE
solid : solidity: one of 0 = NOT, 1 = TRIGGER, 2 = BBOX, 3 = SLIDEBOX, 4 = BSP, 5 = CORPSE
avelocity : vector giving its angular velocity (useful for spinning models)
scale : scale factor of the model (range: 0.0625 to 15.9375)
colormap : 1024 + 16 * pantscolor + shirtcolor
velocity : when movetype isn't 0, initial velocity vector
angles : initial looking direction
modelscale : scaling factor
effects : sum of 1 = BRIGHTFIELD, 4 = BRIGHTLIGHT, 8 = DIMLIGHT, 32 = ADDITIVE, 64 = BLUE, 128 = RED, 512 = FULLBRIGHT, 1024 = FLAME, 2048 = STARDUST, 4096 = NOSHADOW, 8192 = NODEPTHTEST, 32768 = DOUBLESIDED, 8388608 = NOMODELFLAGS (ignores the following coming from a model file), 16777216 = ROCKET, 33554432 = GRENADE, 67108864 = GIB, 134217728 = ROTATE, 268435456 = TRACER, 536870912 = ZOMGIB, 1073741824 = TRACER2, -2147483648 = TRACER3
loddistance1 : distance after which to show the first LOD model replacement (default: 1000)
loddistance2 : distance after which to show the second LOD model replacement (default: 2000)
lodmodel1 : file name of the first LOD model replacement
lodmodel2 : file name of the second LOD model replacement
targetname : when invoking it by a button etc., it changes the color to the initiator of the action (e.g. the one pressing a button). In Onslaught, this can be used to color control points for team who owns them. In other game types, this can be used as a fun feature.
originjitter : a vector describing a random offset this entity will be moved on initial spawn. This corresponds to the "origin" field. Works on any non-q3map2-only entity.
anglesjitter : a vector in the order "pitch yaw roll" describing a random angles change on this entity on initial spawn. The value 180 180 180 makes the angles entirely random and uniformly distributed (among euler angles). This corresponds to the "angles" field. Works on any non-q3map2-only entity.
anglejitter : a float describing a random yaw angle change on this entity on initial spawn. The value 180 makes the yaw angle entirely random (maybe good for items). This corresponds to the "angle" field. Works on any non-q3map2-only entity.
gametypefilter : either a + sign and a comma separated list of game types or the aliases "teams" and "noteams" to ONLY show the entity in the listed game types, or a - sign and a comma separated list of game types or the aliases "teams" and "noteams" to NOT show the entity in the listed game types. The syntax is the same as in sbar_columns_set strings. Works on any non-q3map2-only entity.
cvarfilter : either a + sign and a space separated list of conditions, or a - sign and the same for an inverted filter. The conditions are ALWAYS combined with AND! Possible conditions are: "cvar==value", "cvar!=value", "cvar<value", "cvar>value", "cvar<=value", "cvar>=value", "cvar===string", "cvar!==string", "cvar", "!cvar". Ridiculous example filter: "-g_balance_health_start<150 g_balance_armor_start==0" spawns an item only if start health is at least 150 or start armor is not 0. Other ideas: "+g_campaign" and "-g_campaign" for enabling/disabling items when the map is played as part of the campaign.
-------- SPAWNFLAGS --------
ALIGN_ORIGIN : align the origin to the surface below the model
ALIGN_BOTTOM : align the bottom of the model to the surface below it

what is zym?

also ... isn't that only one frame (which would end up as a still model)

There is one "frame" per animation. The frames consist of animations.

info is a tad outdated. any model can have zym type frame groups / self playing animations in xonotic, with .framegroups a file
ignore anything under and including "Animations must be in this order ...", this is just for player models.

if you just need something to rotate or such there's easier ways then animated models, tough.

func_rotating, func_train etc behave differently when entities stand on them while they're moving, too. Right? Is there any actual movement in animated models? How does collision work with them?

depends on how you set it up, but generally standing on the "mover" just makes you move too, its if you block its movement that things get interesting (crushing players and whatnot). Using a high poly "visual" models as collision model is far from optimal tough, the best practice there is to have it non solid and include clip brushes in the entity. or just have in non solid and have a trigger_hurt there if you want damage but pushing and blocking don't matter.

solid animated models (as with mesh collisions) is a no-no for performance reasons.

so .. i need a .framegroups file ... is there an example I could look at? (preferably not a player model)


xonotic-20120308-maps.pk3 aka xonotic-maps.pk3dir has one animated md3 model which is actually using framgroups:


when you open the .framegroups with a text editor you will see something like this

0 30 5 1

I dont remember anymore what the first and last parameter does, but you have to declare how many frames your animation has in the second paramter, and frames per second into the third paramter.

Also did you searched for qbit in irc? As he mentioned before his nick is Christian. If not, christian is creating a video anyway I think, you really should contact him.
[Image: signature.php] [Image: DVlpo.png]

I did talk with qbit/christian ... he tried to help me through it for about 15 minutes btu because of blender version confusion and the fact that I am utterly incompetent when it comes to blender he deciding that It would be better to create a video ... but that was half a week ago ... I haven't heard from him since...

I hope he is still working on it

Yes he is of course, he just spoke yesterday night about this video in fact. : )
[Image: signature.php] [Image: DVlpo.png]

#14 Wrote:Syntax:
<start frame> <frame count> <fps> <loop/noloop> // animname

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