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[SOLVED] Having a LAN party. Where do I find non default maps?

I want to use some of the vehicle enabled maps for ctf or tech assault or something.
Where can I find these maps?

I don't think we have a central repository for all the maps yet. Quite a bit of them are in development on the git server. There is an autobuild server which serves pk3's but that's for testing and they aren't categorized. Also, it's not guaranteed that they will work with 0.6: they are hosted there for testing purposes and should be tested with git or autobuild clients. The full pk3 is for git master clients, the bsp pk3 is for clients who have the map's git branch checked out. Proceed with caution:

There's a bunch of maps here too: . The maps with a long scrambled name are fetched from the autobuild server. They are not guaranteed to work fine. The other maps are probably releases from this forum in the Mapping section.

If you want a list of vehicle maps, find a vehicle server and contact its admin, or connect to it and type lsmaps in the console. This will list the maps available on the server. Then, use the urls above or your favorite search engine to look for a pk3 file.

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