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another new person.

well here lets see how do i go about starting this... Sad I play a lot of games over many genres but i love me an arena shooter. I heard about Xonotic about a year ago. however It was before release and I sorta forgot about it. Blush so thanks to Captain Ahab reintroduced me to the game and well needless to say i love it. Big Grin look forward to next release. Tongue

q: why does my gun stutter when i walk? i notice in the videos it doesn't. its like my guy can't walk without having a seizure or something. so my question is, how can i fix it or is it a problem with the game engine that I can't fix? Huh my eyes are going to thank you ahead of time because as of now its doing horrid things to them.

[Image: eyeball-popper_2.gif]


Your problem might be an input issue. What happens when you crouch? Does the crouching stutter too? Does the gun stutter when you walk in any direction or only forward? It might be a key refire issue: when you press the key down the game would see it as being rapidly pressed and unpressed, so you would quickly alternate between walking and idle animations, causing a stutter. Do you have a special keyboard setup?

You might want to try the alternative executable (xonotic-sdl.exe if you're on windows, BTW what is your OS?). Maybe try a different keyboard if that's a possibility for you.
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Hey WiFiDi! Smile

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to Xonotic!

i fixed it. Tongue it involved turning the max fps to anything but unlimited idk why it worked but it did problem is i can only get 32 fps max now... Dodgy

os: windows 7
gfx card: hd radeon 5770
ram: 8gbs

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I had the stutter thing before. I think it went away when I stopped using the autobuild and went back to v0.6

Hello Wifidi Smile

I think I've already met you in game Big Grin

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