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Poll: Please welcome our newest member, earwax...It's a pleasure to be here-you all ROCK!
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just another newbie doesn't know what the h i'm doin.....

Please welcome our newest member, earwax...It's a pleasure to be here-you all ROCK!

Yahay!Welcome \o/
P.S. if u a real deal n00b, read this
<machine> dude, i know i suck Smile
<OHSNAP! Mossepo> but you dont like finko-suck, u have potential to be good
Diomedes: Finko: You are the most intelligent guy in this community.

Welcome to Xonotic!

My Xonstats Profile
Latest track on soundcloud: Farewell - to a better Place (piano improvisation)
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Hey, welcome man. Hope to see you around on the game servers.
Negative, I am a meat popsicle.
Announcer mic check and forum thread.

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