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Hi i just started playing and

Hello, im a brand-new player from Q3/QL duel/CA scene and i REALLY wanna get into this game, i played a few duels and i fell in-love but from what i can tell the community really lacks NA playersSad( Is there any NA duel scene at all? i realllllllllly wanna get into this game and play a few pickups or whatever please let me know where i can find some duels and start playing! Smile its nice to meet all of you

Nice too meet you too! Good luck and Have Fun!
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Join #smokebreak on quakenet. Just highlight one of us and we could play a couple games. And welcome to Xonotic, the NA community could use more players Smile
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Stay in #xonotic.pickup and NA guys will wake up.


Hi and welcome!
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The NA duel scene is pretty active, but I'd say most of us work during the day. I find most of my games between 5 and 9PM weeknights. Anything goes on the weekends.

But as Mirio said - ping us on the pickup channel (#xonotic.pickup) or on the main channel (#xonotic) and we'll let you know when we're free.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Yeah most of the NA games happen between 2 PM - 10 PM, usually one or two servers with six or so people on them

Um, this thread is from almost one year ago Tongue


Nicely spotted, Mirio. The person who revived the thread was a spambot. Mirio moved the post to the spam hole.

Heh, yeah. I was wondering why it showed up in my query for new posts. I obviously didn't look at the dates!
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

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