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How can I change the Weapon Damage?

I am looking to make my server Xtreme Damage any chance of editing the damage on my server please get back to me thanks.

You want to change the g_balance_* cvars. For example, g_balance_shotgun_damage. To get a list, type cvarlist g_balance_* in your server console or have a look in balanceXonotic.cfg in the data pk3 (which is a zip file).

so unzip that and edit it thanks allot guys you rock customization is key in these games.

How can I reduce the gore on my server there is too many kills on my server for Xtreme Damage please let me know thanks alot guys.

I don't think you can do much about that, it has to be done clientside. One thing you can do is remove gibs by setting sv_gibhealth to something very large (basically ten times or so the maximal amount of damage you set for your weapons) so that bodies don't get gibbed.

EDIT: Try sv_gentle 1 too, but that affects more than just the gore.

also there is alot of lag how I fix this this i have a HD5770 1gig gddr5 and i get crappy FPS?

Might be related to the blood and gibs. Do you get it as bad on normal servers?

Also i wanna make infinite ammo already got 100 armor and 100 health on start was gona make regen health and armor but nah all I need is infinite ammo and i am done I am just not understanding the cvars and what they do lol.Also to answer you question I found out why my server is crashing casue teh cfg is messing it up casue i am trying infinity ammo.

g_use_ammunition 0 to disable ammo altogether.

I tested that command and it never worked in the cfg at all i put it in the server cfg so this command will it make the game have infinite ammo or no casue 2 shots and weapon switches?

g_use_ammunition 0 disables the use of ammunition, so you get infinite ammo. You might need to restart the map for it to take effect. Make sure you spell it right.

how would I add this to my server cfg? set g_use_ammunition 0 ?

Yep. And restart the map or wait for the next map on the server.

Ok got it working but there is lag the lag meter is poping up for no reason here is my ip you can test it. thanks for all your help now i need to make the server user friendly.

weird the lag on my server is annoying so annoying i have to get rid of bots so lame.

No, getting rid of the bots reduced the lag but that doesn't mean players won't cause the same lag as bots. Doing a callprofile as I instructed you might help find the cause of the lags.

what a laggy game damn i might try to reconfig teh files but other than this if its like this all the time i wont play no fun.

The issue is on your side, there are no lag problems on other servers. You're really not helping us help you.

what you want me to do geesh I personally thinks its the dark engine it self only that engine has issues.

I told you, I'd like a callprofile from a game with heavy lag. What do you think makes you so special that the engine has issues which only affect you?

Hang in there MrBougo.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

[Image: hang+in+there.jpg]

(07-03-2012, 11:01 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: I told you, I'd like a callprofile from a game with heavy lag. What do you think makes you so special that the engine has issues which only affect you?

Why you so cocky I just asked if you guys can help me yes you have helped me but i never asked for attitude i just need to know the call commands again and i am prolly not the only one with issues so yea and are you a dev maybe I should talk to devs please post the commands you need again and where to look to get the log?

We could all just guess for possible reasons, but that will not help you. And unfortunately there is no one cure to end all server lags, so you really need to share more information. About your server itself, how it is hosted for example. And anything else you think might give us a better impression of the problem.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

Please read this thread again and tell me who started being arrogant.

I told you ingame to issue these two commands after noticing bad lags:
prvm_callprofile server
condump profile.log
By the way, you did run these two commands, but in a game that had no lagging at all. That's useless. Run the commands only after you notice several lags, and before the match ends.

Then, look for profile.log in your data directory (usually in My Documents\My Saved Games\Xonotic\data assuming you run Windows, or ~/.xonotic/data in *NIX). Put that on and give us the link in this thread.

And PLEASE use punctuation. Thanks.

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