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Texture Set for Mappers - Facility 114 (Updated)

Hey. I started a map a while ago. Couldn't finish it, but figure I'd offer the texture set instead:

GPL, bla bla. You may need to duplicate some textures (duplicate corridor00's bump/norm and gloss maps for corridor01 and corridor02), otherwise it's good to go.

About 9 textures. Dunno how useful these will be as they are not exactly complete. Hopefully they can be used alongside other textures as well.

[Image: 8aw1lwwwkso1rhyj5dcv_thumb.jpg]


At tZork's request, added some trims, several more textures (including two for jump pads and elevators) in TGA's.

New File:

I really like them from the screenshot. I thought some eerily clean white textures (not all the old, tattered stuff that most textures have) will be really cool in Xonotic, and this is exactly what I was imagining in my head.

The map looks beautiful o_O
[Image: xonoticbychatot.png]

#4 like, me like!

Cheshire_Cat, it isn't a map. Tongue It's just a render with the textures. It was supposed to be a map, but I never finished the map this was intended for. So releasing them instead as a texture set for mappers.

Thanks. And vede, yep, my thoughts exactly. Smile Minimalist high technology, cleaner than even Portal-style textures.

Regardless, the screenshot of whatever that is is hella pretty.
[Image: xonoticbychatot.png]

Yay, clean and futuristic. This is really great.

obliv , just make more of your epic maps!

dont make me slap u with a chooky bot.

i dare you


i double dare you!


That looks cool.

Oh wait.

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