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[SOLVED] Can't beat level 21 in singleplayer mode

Hello, I'm still new to this game so forgive me if I ask something dumb here.

Ok, I'm having trouble beating the level 21 in the singleplayer mode, in the single player menu it said the mode is runematch but once in-game it said deathmatch, and I didn't see any "rune" or the enemy (bots).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Known bug

Fixed in autobuild (to update, use /misc/tools/rsync-updater/update-to-autobuild.bat or .sh. But note, that autobuild is experimental and may contain other bugs).

Or you can just download the file in the comments of rafallus' link and put it in your data directory (where config.cfg is).

or you could just skip the level ....

... cant remember the command though ...

editing campaign.cfg in xonotic/data/data

Thanks for all the reply, I've solved it just now. Smile

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