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Change campaign last level beat permanently

I am trying to skip level 21 and play levels 23-24 to get better before getting into multiplayer.
I just can't win at 21 with the low visibility and want to get better at other levels.  I know I can g_campaignxonoticbeta_index 25, but that is only temporary and resets when I close the game.  I thought there was a campaign.cfg file somewhere but I casn't find it. 

Any suggestions?


I think Mr.Bougo has answerd this here:
I didn't try this myself yet (don't have a Xonotic installation at hand at this very moment), but maybe the command is still working. Try the following in console:
g_campaignxonoticbeta_index 21
It could also have changed, but if you type "g_campaign" and then press TAB, it may autocomplete or show a list of possible autocompletions. Experiment :o)
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You can change the file as you want
just replace the file in the archive.

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