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In-Depth is a small and enclosed map. As I already had the layout of this map I just decided to finish it and here it is.
Its a quite small map indeed but I didnt want to scale it up yet because a lot of the trickjumps wouldnt work anymore. Anyway I think that also duels could be quite interesting on this map.

Supported gamemodes are: DM, CA, LMS, Arena, Rune, KA, KH, FT
I didnt add tdm to this list yet as the map is too small for it imo (even for 2v2). I could add it later if wanted.

Download: In-Depth.pk3

Some screenshots:
[Image: ext9494.png]
[Image: ext9495.png]
[Image: ext9496.png]
[Image: ext9497.png]
[Image: ext9498.png]

really nice map, dont scale it up! nice size for the type of gameplay your going for

(09-13-2012, 02:05 PM)Debugger Wrote: Supported gamemodes are: DM, CA, LMS, Arena, Rune, KA, KH, FT
I didnt add tdm to this list yet as the map is too small for it imo (even for 2v2). I could add it later if wanted.
Why wouldn't you add support for TDM, but for CA, FT or KH, which are all team based modes? In fact a nice intense 2v2 would make much more sense here than a match of CA or KH, where you usually have more than four players. Smile 2v2 is fine on this map btw, so please add TDM to the list.

Otherwise very nice duel map. I like how you positioned the Mortar, Nex and Hagar on ledges, makes them more dangerous to get.

The visuals are little bit boring, but that's not a problem. Certainly fits the purpose of this map.

I do not like the position of the portals though. If you speed through the portal near the Electro you run right into a wall, duh. The exit should be next to the Crylink, so that you would follow the line of health vials and keep momentum.

So, yeah, I would change the portal and add TDM to the list.
[Image: 13320.png]

Ok, First things first:

Nice map, I like the simplicity of it! Layout well designed. Good job! I prepared feedback for you:

One corridor near the nex gun area is too narrow:
[Image: feedback1.jpg]

In here (staircase) I constantly BUMP my head of the low ceiling:
[Image: feedback2.jpg]

Jumppad models should be placed on steep platforms or remake them into launch pads:
[Image: feedback3.jpg] [Image: feedback4.jpg]

Make clipping on the light on the ceiling so laser jumping players aren't blocked:
[Image: feedback5.jpg]

Going to the outside area you see nothing beside the ledge of the corridor, it like the map ends there (dead end) but its not truth, fix it:
[Image: feedback6.jpg] [Image: feedback7.jpg]

Make jumppad trigger bigger here:
[Image: feedback8.jpg]

Teleporter CANNOT teleport you right into the wall! Its confusing and pesky:
[Image: feedback9.jpg]

Thank you very much for the input guys!

I'll keep working on the map and will release a new version with improvements soon.

Updated first post plus new download link. The latest version contains some changes:

* Some clipping issues fixed
* Fixed some jumppad positions
* Added tdm support
* Changed the position of a teleporter

What I didnt change so far are the "dead ends" Justin talked about and the background of the teleporters.

Yeah dude, keep it coming! Big Grin

This map felt awesome the first time I played it, and it's already one of my favorites in minsta mode! I can only imagine how cool it will be once you implemented the suggestions by Justin... =)
[Image: 9216.png] Web:[unconnected]
IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

I also like it in minsta. Still have to learn it by heart but it's a good addition Smile
[Image: 2405.png]

Played it in minsta today, seemed like a really good minsta map to be honest! Enjoyed it.
[Image: 542.png]

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(09-28-2012, 04:12 PM)Micha Wrote: I also like it in minsta.
(09-28-2012, 05:45 PM)kojn^ Wrote: Played it in minsta today, ...

Seems like everyone loves this map especially in minsta - good thing I asked RoKenn to put it on the server when Debugger published it back then Big Grin

Anyone else get this "farewell-ish" feeling on that map? Imho both maps have some aspects in common (although you don't fall off the map as often as on farewell).
[Image: 9216.png] Web:[unconnected]
IRC: #uc.xonotic #xonotic #xonotic.pickup

Much better now with the change of teleporters, thank you! And thanks for TDM support!

Definitely a keeper.
[Image: 13320.png]

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