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Abandoned maps

The idea behind this topic is to post maps you've abandoned, or otherwise think you'll not be finishing.
Why? One his trash might be another ones treasure. These maps might still be able to provide inspiration for new maps or someone else could work them out further, who knows?

Since I probably won't be finishing any of these maps I'll post them:
No one will ever guess where I got inspiration from for this one. Wink
It's a very small ctf map with some teleporter and jumppad problems.

A small dm map, just for fun. It uses sprites from the game as textures though, so I'll remove this one if that is a problem.

A nice idea that didn't work that well. Ground is destructible and has multiple layers, changing the game play as the match goes on. It has problems with spawning on a lower level, trapping the player below the ground and it would be hard to balance out the damage needed to break the floor.

Nexball and a far larger ctf version. Originally intended as a assault map. When breaking the water shutter in either version, the water level will rise, altering the gameplay.

Map made using only the solid white texture and a custom skybox. I like the atmosphere, but the gameplay is... meh. Undecided

one good advice: NEVER release a map which is made for fun! It will end like Eyecancer or mentalspace

I will test the maps when i got home.

Omg, i've got too much abbandoned map ... sigh ... for me is sad Sad
[Image: bartucnexuiz.png]

I like the Testie most. I'am not a mapper but the colours and skybox looks great Smile
[Image: BSF48.png][Image: HMITP48.png][Image: S48.png][Image: TLT48.png]

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