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Breath is a large indoor map for teamgames.

I planned to get a lot of my ideas into a proper duel map but when I finished the layout it turned out to be just too large. After trying out a lot of different layout options and ideas, I finally came to this one and decided to use it.

However, I recommend to play this map in teammodes as it has a good size for 2v2 and 3v3 games.

The supported gamemodes for this map are: DM, TDM, LMS, FT, Arena, CA, KH, Keepaway and Runematch.
The music added is the track 'whizard' taken from the ctf map whizard ("experimental" map made in nexuiz days by -z-, Teshihan created this track for it).

Download link: Breath

[Image: ext10019.png]

[Image: ext10020.png]

[Image: ext10021.png]

[Image: ext10022.png]

[Image: ext10023.png]

[Image: ext10024.png]

Ir looks great from the screenshots, looking forward to play it! Smile

looks like a good 2v2 tdm map

Hi, looking good. One thing i noticed: The lava below the grates in your 4th screenshot seems to have some brushing problem. When i jumped over it it some blocks in it changed to a darker color. Overlapping brushes?
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Here's some gameplay on the map, it's from a pcw asyyy and me had against metsu some days ago.


I played on it a while ago ... this map is very nice ...

I like your use of lava and light trims ...

for the lava in the main mega armor room ... you can texture the sides of the lava brushes with common->lava no draw shader ....

Wow it was really big, I ran trough it a few times and it seems very good, can't wait to play it!

First post updated, new download available.

Fixed the box-issues (making it smoother and easier to get to a higher level using those boxes), added some trickjumps, added the xonotic logo for the 50A room (texture was missing in pervious versions). I didnt change the itemlayout so far, as it seems to be ok.

I really like this map but I think it's VERY big. Perhaps a little bit too big? Tongue

btw the logo in the screenshot is not the proper xonotic logo...

(10-31-2012, 01:03 PM)s1lencer Wrote: btw the logo in the screenshot is not the proper xonotic logo...

Good catch, where did that one come from? It must be an old revision.

Mr. Bougo Wrote:
s1lencer Wrote:btw the logo in the screenshot is not the proper xonotic logo...

Good catch, where did that one come from? It must be an old revision

Hmm, good question Smile

I guess I just googled 'xonotic logo' or I browsed through some threads in the forums here. If the used logo is annoying, I can replace it by a newer one.

(10-31-2012, 02:05 PM)Debugger Wrote: I guess I just googled 'xonotic logo' or I browsed through some threads in the forums here. If the used logo is annoying, I can replace it by a newer one.

Well, it's not annoying but it's very outdated. Update it if you can. You can generate rasters from the svg source (xonotic_logo.svg) found there:;hb=HEAD . PM me if you can't convert svg to png, don't forget to provide me with the dimensions in pixels that you wish.

Here is my feedback with screenshots, as I promised (sorry for offset, I had hectic schelude lately).

The major disatvantage of the map is that it has about 6 rooms connected with long corridors which isn't good layout. You need to rethink the strategy. What about placing rooms closer to each other? Or removing one area/ merging 2 areas into one, bigger? What I am trying to say is that this map is bloody difficult to learn quickly (and generally extremly confusing), it has plenty of corridors that look the same and very simple box-like rooms. That is major flaw.
Most of the rooms are very flat. You HAVE to take look at Shadows map: Atelier. Its TDM map quite big, but it has very good flow and connectivity and briliant way of adding levels and floors at different haights.

You have to anwser the simple question: What makes my map unique? What makes it special and different from others? This kind of structure/detail/colors/stuff/theme that would make your map standing out from rest of the maps ever created for Xonotic and other games? Something that would cause us to say: WOW! Thats new! I haven't seen that before? Don't worry if you haven't came up with whis idea yet. Nothing is lost. You can figure it out every time, but remember: That will be the trade mark of your map. Something that would attract players and encourage them to play it, try something new! Go!

Lava problem I described on one of the screenshots I attached.

Item placement: The map has definitely weaker and stronger spots. When sometimes this is good, mostly it just ruins gameplay, because map gets unbalanced and everything is up to where you spawned (in strong area or weak)

Some ramps and tricks are a bit off place (Just like strange metal ramp near the 50 HP - make it boxes!) On one screenshot I attached there is an example of rocket launcher trick that slows players down. At one place (near 50 HP) you have to get to the platform going around it, because the platform where HP is is slightly higher then stepheight. This will piss players off.

When it comes to lighting: Its too boring and repetitive. Im not an expert but I know who is. If you want to paint with light ask Majki or Cityy for advice. I can only tell you: Properly used light makes map look MUCH more attractive and it adds feelings and character to your map. Go, give it a 'spirit'! Try to experiment with light colors, strength, conrast, positioning...

And now the SCREENSHOTS (most of them with some text): - huge complex - some minor (but still important) bugs to fix - it just cannot be like this! - lava problem - the strongest area of the map - weak spot - item placement issue

Screenshots cover rest of the issues, that should be seen, rather then described.

I probably forgot about something, I will update it later.

ok .... justin .... slow down ...

he stated that the map was big in the first post ... and more intended for tdm ...

(10-26-2012, 11:26 AM)Debugger Wrote: I planned to get a lot of my ideas into a proper duel map but when I finished the layout it turned out to be just too large. After trying out a lot of different layout options and ideas, I finally came to this one and decided to use it.

However, I recommend to play this map in teammodes as it has a good size for 2v2 and 3v3 games.

also the hagar not deserving the prestige of a tall platform is an opinion about the current weapon balance ... ... if the mapper is really good with the hagar ... they may think it needs to be harder to get due to its power .... ... ... I would do the same thing with the hlac ...

(10-31-2012, 02:53 PM)Justin Wrote: ...

did you realize that this isnt a final version? and did you realized that debugger already uploaded a newer version before you made your post?
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I realize both things you mentioned, Cortez. But nobody previously metioned the major problem of the map so I felt responsible to write it down. I've read every post on this thread, I watched movie and also played map 2 times. Therefore I think I might give feedback, before Debugger starts adding crazy details to map that has not polished layout.

The changes Debugger made make 2 points from my previous post outdated. Rest stays the same.

This map is freaking amazing, I really hope this will make it as a official map. It's visually appealing and the gameplay is insanely good. Good job!

dl link has been removed :<

plz keep links up between releases, or better yet use a more trustworthy file sharing site

Sendspace is trustworthy, it just needs for the file to remain popular :-P

Quote:How long does a file remain available?
We do not delete active files. We will host the file for an unlimited time, until it becomes inactive, in the case of sendspace Lite uploaders, unless they have purchased file bandwidth for that file. A file becomes inactive if it has not been downloaded at least once during a 30 day period. For sendspace Pro members, your file will not be deleted even if it is inactive.
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Ok, link now works! if someone fixed it, thanks. :]

I only map for cube 2 engine games so far, so excuse me if there is some things I don't understand.

With only a few months of gameplay experience, its pretty obvious to me that the mega and quad can't spawn so close to one another.
I would switch with 50, or 25 armor; I dont really know too well, though, since both are kind of secluded and might create bottlenecks. something should change there either way.

[Image: Tf1GBYfl.jpg]

Since I sadly can't comment on gameplay (yet), it's logical that i would go straight to visuals. and omg.

Let me say first of all, that in my humble opinion, lights in ANY map should do at least one of these things(besides general illumination):

- Create/reinforce atmosphere or mood
- Show (or rather, highlight :>) areas of importance
- be used as accents

Those don't really do any of those. There's enough light there already. Lights next to a relatively bright skybox isn't a good idea, and the fixture design is not the prettiest.
To be honest, this armour room would look TEN TIMES better if all you did, was remove every single light up top. not kidding.

The accent strips at the bottom provide enough light - wait, isn't lava supposed to emanate a shitton of light? Look at stormkeep! when you have lava in any given area that isn't tiny, it should be the main light source, IMO.

Sadly the lights up top, and the overall ambient, is too high for it to really shine (that was unintentional i swear) Tongue

On another note placement of the mega is spot on. It's a great layout that I could see used in duel, but the amount of corridors in and out of the area are too many. Nice Smile

[Image: h8kJURXl.jpg]

This. This is the single strongest area in visuals. it's pretty sweet. Lights are placed near weapons (areas of interest) and as accents near stairs and under walls, and yet there isn't too many.
Also, there is a lot of great architecture at the top of the map.

I know the top of the map might not seem like the most important part in even visuals, but look at fuse by cityy.
he went to lot of trouble to reinforce the atmosphere with buildings outside of the walls, and make the walls look real, not molded like clay to the outside of the room. Its a great trick, and it's used pretty well here. Smile

Also, notice how there is a strip of white in the middle of the screenie? it's good to keep different levels different colour textures. 1 for consistency, 2 for no confusion. I bet if all colours were organized in this map, then it would have been much harder for Justin to get lost here.

As a general note also, the lower hallways, unless illuminated by a big source, are usually darker than the higher ones, even if there is no skybox visible up top.

[Image: BqHPOVwl.jpg]

What happened to great architecture up top? Sad you had it in the mega/quad room, and the aforementioned one as well. i know you can do it! :]

Also the crazy light bombing is back. :S either remove or do something drastic.

There are great trickjumps near rocket; in fact in general this map has awesome trickjumps in convenient places. its something ill have to work hard to learn myself. :>

[Image: 1HPPb7fl.jpg]
Altogether this room has a very odd feel; and it's because the lighting is so different from the rest of the map.You used these textures throughout the map, but they were really different colours! :S

Also, nice design for the light fixtures in here! although, there is a little too many still. they are worth keeping though, and nice accent in the middle.

[Image: ks4ug28l.jpg]

Nice accent here! although i spent a few too many minutes trying to get into the lava. Tongue

[Image: TJH6YeRl.jpg]

Nice architecture in here too. the bars up top create a good light effect and remind me of ospdm5.
it's a funny looking cutout in the ground though.. can't quite place why.

Altogether pretty awesome. phew, this takes a while Tongue

I'm talking it [CoolLer].

Thats means lot of things, but I used it to agree with you, ballist1c. Very good feedback.


Cooller* Wink

Thank you for all the input guys.

While gameplay seems to be quite enjoyable, visuals are 'ok'. Of course there is a lot of stuff you can improve. I also heard about some people who would like to see this as an official map but there was no decision on further maps yet.
However, Im willing to put some more work into this in case people want it. As soon as there is progress on this map again, I'll inform you here.

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