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This... game... is... awesome.

So, it's 2:50 A.M. and a really should get to bed, but I just wanted to post this first.

So, a few hours ago, I searched to see if I could find a first-person shooter that is free software and has a good single-player campaign, because the only ones I'm aware of are Doom and Freedoom; I have little interest in the original Doom games, and while I love Freedoom, I've played it to death. Well, I didn't find such a game (Aleph One seems like a candidate, but I couldn't get it to compile and can't be bothered to figure it out), but I decided to try some FPSes that are completely free (free art assets and other game data as well as free source code), and I found this and Nexuiz.

One thing I gotta say, I read up a bit on the history of Xonotic and why it was started as a fork of Nexuiz, and the situation with Nexuiz is... pathetic. I'm sorry, but there is nothing respectable about that.

Regardless of how I feel about what Nexuiz has become, I decided to try both Xonotic and the free version of Nexuiz ("Classic"), which happens to be in the Trisquel repo (I will never try the proprietary version; I am a strict free software user). I'm glad that Nexuiz and Xonotic are about the same, with Xonotic having some slight improvements (like actual scope graphics instead of just zooming) and minor changes.

Both of these games are awesome. I have not experienced much of nonfree games because I wasn't very into modern games when I wasn't a strict free software user (just a bit of Halo and I think Call of Duty on someone else's Xbox 360), so maybe I just haven't been spoiled enough, but these are some of the best FPS games I've ever played. I'm coming from AssaultCube, AssaultCube Reloaded, OpenArena, and Tremulous as my top FPS choices. If any of these are better than Xonotic, it's Tremulous, and that's because Tremulous is a bit more than just a first-person shooter (the RTS-like gameplay is really neat).

I don't think I will likely play Nexuiz, because as I said, Xonotic is slightly better, and it doesn't look like Nexuiz is going anywhere as a free program. I also don't like the idea of recommending Nexuiz since that could inadvertently lead people to the proprietary game with the same name.

So, yeah, hats off to everyone involved in developing Nexuiz and Xonotic! I probably won't post in this forum very much if at all, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this game.

Oh, and as for the introduction, I'm onpon4. Short version: Freedom is good. Sharing is good. Nonfree software is bad. DRM is pure evil. Oh, and I'm a programmer that likes to develop games. The long version can be found at my website:

That's a nice story and a perfect way to introduce yourself here! Welcome to Xonotic!

I found my way to this game in a similar way, searching for free games and starting with the singleplayer campaign for my own. I completed it and went online just because the singleplayer campaign didn't offer anything anymore for me and I wanted to enjoy a bit more of what I found. On the first server that I joined I was like WTF at the speed everyone is moving at. I asked someone and immediately got a short tutorial. It turned out that during the singleplayer campaign I never learned about laser jumping, bunny hopping, remote rocket detonation, rocket guiding (well ok that was not even implemented that time but anyway), weapon combos and whatnot.

That's why I put this thread here online:

Also you might be interested in shorter posts like:
(apologies for the poor looks of the first one, but it's still worth reading)

Also if you're interested in contributing by means of software development, check IRC #xonotic on freenode and ask around, there is still lots to do on this project and help is welcomed. Big Grin

Have fun and I wish you a pleasant stay!
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Welcome! Smile

Nice intro, welcome to Xonotic! Smile

(12-08-2012, 04:04 AM)onpon4 Wrote: (I will never try the proprietary version; I am a strict free software user).
Freedom is good. Sharing is good. Nonfree software is bad. DRM is pure evil.

Yeah! Me too! Me too!!

And I am a communist a little bit as well.Smile

Welcome to the forums!!!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. Smile

Welcome to Xonotic!

yeah ... classic nexuiz ins't going anywhere ... any of the developers who were working on it have moved over to xonotic ...

Nice to meet you, onpon4 Smile

I hope to see you more around this forum!
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