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The Effects of Alternate Forms of Transportation on Asymmetrical CTF Map Design

Hi guys

I know you have vehicles in Xonotic and you use them mostly for CTF gamemode. And I know how hard is to create level for such gameplay. I like to google and read articles and tutorials about Level Design and I have stumbled upon very nice, free PDF.

"The Effects of Alternate Forms of Transportation on Asymmetrical Capture the Flag Map Design" by Casey Bradley. You can download his free book here:

It's very interesting. Focusing mostly on Unreal Tournament. But only thing Xonotic doesn't have is translocator, so you guys should be alright - since Xonotic features Jump Pads, Vehicles and Teleporters.

This book is not about texturing or using level editors. It's about GAME THEORY. How to balance non symmetrical CTF levels and use things like vehicles (but not only them) to work things out.

If someone is ready to spend months on creating huge level for vCTF, he/she should not have problems with chewing this book.

Oh goodness, the typesetting...

Anyway, this is not a book, it's a Master's thesis.

Also, I fixed your thread title. It was too long and the default reply form couldn't be submitted.

i wish we could be as pretty as UT

A lot can be achieved with Darkplaces engine. But it takes a lot of knowledge how to not suffocate engine Smile

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