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What is the general consensus on "dodging"? (UT's greatest feature IMO)

Hello everyone,

Please see the bottom of the post to understand what I mean when I say "dodging".

Let me get to the point: How come Xonotic has not implemented dodging? I know that being based off of Nexuiz/Quake1 engine, Xonotic cannot have this functionality initially, but is it because people don't want it, or it's just difficult to implement? I have found UT2K4's dodging to be one major feature of the game, adding another axis of freedom to the fps experience. I have experience in C/C++ and 3D-game programming and would be glad to try and submit a patch for this functionality, but I wish to find out the community's thoughts first. I searched through the forum to see if there were other posts like this and could only find: which actually talks about someone trying out a dodging patch for Xonotic.

Thank you,


In Unreal Tournament 2004, when you double tapped a movement key (WASD), your player would be swung in that direction. Imaging jumping really far forward in real life, that's what it's like. Youtube a video of people playing UT and you'll get the idea. : )

There is a dodging mutator (look in mutators) that does what you have described. There's just isn't any server that uses it right now.

I have tried it, and didn't find it very useful. Warsow had dodging to front on RMB.
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I think the overkill mod has it enabled usually, check out Overkill servers.

Also, Warsow's default RMB function is the "dash", which serves several purposes including dodging in any direction or changing movement direction abruptly at any speed without slowing you down. THAT is VERY useful, but would revolutionize entire Xonotic movement, which would again be a bad idea.
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Indeed, Warsow's dash/dodge is quite similar to Xonotic's dodge mutator, but given the choice between the two, I'd take Warsow's for one reason: double tapping means I can't dash forward while already walking forward, something that is possible in Warsow because of their separate key/mousebutton.

Xonotic's strafing (more enjoyable than warsow's imho) plus warsow's dash (and possibly walljump) would be very fun indeed, even if not very fast to learn and breaking a few maps Tongue
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When I implemented the dodging mutator back in the days (thanks again div for all the help Big Grin) the only shooter I played previous to Nexuiz/Xonotic was UT99 (except for some quake 1 and 2 before that). So this was the "natural" way for me back then. It should not be too hard to use a dedicated dodging/dash key in the mutator. I mean the code would probably even get simpler, since there's no need to detect double taps. Then on the other hand, introducing it to the input system to make it configurable in the GUI would be more work.. Hmm
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Well, thank you everyone for filling me in. I may start up a dedicated Canadian DM Xonotic server with dodging enabled now. : ) Good-bye UT2k4!

Halogene: The good thing about Open Source software is that there's noone stopping anyone from experimenting. I haven't played enough warsow to really know how the dash-stuff works there. But if it's fun, why not try it in xonotic? Just because another game does it? Nah, always take the good parts and leave the bad parts behind Big Grin
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

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