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[SOLVED] Can you save maps you download whilst playing online?

Can you save maps you download whilst playing online?
Any ideas?

You already have them downloaded! How else would you play them Wink

The maps are stored in the "dlcache" directory in your personal Xonotic directory. The place where that directory is stored depends on your operating system. The easiest way to find out where it is is to start xonotic, press shift escape to open the Xonotic console and type
which config.cfg
This will tell you where config.cfg (your configuration file) is located, and dlcache is in the same place.

can you save downloaded maps whilst playing online?
oops should mention x64 on windows 7.

I answered this a few minutes ago, did I not?

Is it possible once the maps have downloaded and stored themselves (found now thanx) to play them whilst offline?

I merged your thread back into the original one. This really doesn't need three threads.

You can move those maps from dlcache to the parent directory. They should show up in the "create" menu, or should also be usable with the "chmap" command in the console if you know about that.

Thanx Mr Bougo
Very helpful sussed the forum bit now as well.

OK moved the downloaded maps into the data folder and can access them now in single player wicked but how do I drop a few bots in to the mix?

there is a "number of bots" option in "create" menu.
So using this you can drop a few bots into the mix.
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Using the create menu isn't that multi-player online forcing you to create a server?
cant you create an offline game with it?
Soz im a newbie.

Every singleplayer game in Xonotic is basically a server and a client running on the same machine, but the server component is not made public and blocks outside connections. You can check this by opening the console (shift escape) and typing in
If that tells you sv_public is set to 0 or something negative, that means the server is not accepting any extra human players.

As far as I know, the "create" menu should not turn sv_public on, and your game should be private.

Thanx Mr Bougo got it now big help. Shame most of the custom maps have no bot waypoints but I have managed to put a few in using Kuniu's link.
Great game and support.!!

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