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Xonotic DeFRaG: Lady*Diana's next movie!

So ,after "The Chase" (, Lady*D finished her second Xonotic DeFRaG masterpiece "Don't Stand On The Respawn"!

Featured players:

I personally recommend to download the movie here for maximum quality:

Enjoy Diana's unique dreamy, colorful movie style!

Awesome movie! Posted to the blog.
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Awesome indeed, and I've posted it on our FaceBook channel!
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Good movie. Smile

good job! I liked first one a bit more though....mabye too many effects in the new? Sometimes it looks chaotic and it's difficult to figure out what you are actually looking at. I think that camera enable following players is broken, although I love how you use it to show maps and landscapes...

That was beautiful, thanks!

That was awesome, like going on an acid trip... Well, what I imagine going on a trip would look like... Big Grin

I wonder what software she uses...


I like how you went with colorful and fast maps this time and it felt/looked better then the first one.

Same things as Justin said for me, I think some of the scenes felt a little chaotic not that many but it was a combination of perhaps the transitions and the 3rd person camera, I understand how bad it is because last time I tried to use the camera chasing a player it was all over the place and near impossible to do anything decent with it.

The landscape/freefly camera was really well done, what settings do you use, because it looks really smooth like it's on a path and I know that's not available yet (but is coming soon apparently).

I actually liked it more then the 1st one, if you do another and I hope you do, I'll be happy to send you my movie config as I think it will improve the visual quality and look of the footage.

Perhaps go out of your comfort zone and try and make a movie that has more of a flow, this one flowed but something where you get a really good feeling watching the whole movie, only example I can give is this one which is one of my favourites for that reason, hopefully you'll understand what I mean with the music in it and the flow of the footage.

Music in this video was ok, quite liked all the tracks but it felt just like tracks and run's rather then it feeling like all the tracks were part of a bigger movie/story. <-- What I mean

You can certainly do much neater editing stuff then me colour wise and such, colours were really vibrant and had a dark feel also at time's that I liked, really made the movie for me combined with some really nice run's, footage felt definitely better then the 1st movie for sure!

8/10 for me, really good work for the 2nd movie! Smile

Next movie if you do one, I hope you will try and improve on this one and surpasses it, setting a new bar in terms of run videos for Xonotic!
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


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