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Spawn more vehicles/and vehicle spawn times

Is it possible for vehicles to spawn at the spawn point while another vehicle from that spawn point is still being used. Also maybe limit the spawn to say 5 total vehicles at a time from each spawn point

Currently its just one vehicle at a time from one spawn point from I can tell.

Also the "set g_vehicle_raptor_respawntime 120" controls two settings one for then the vehicle is destroyed and one for when the vehicle is abandoned/exited.

What I'm looking for is for the one setting which would control how long the vehicle can be abandoned and one for the pawn time when the vehicle is destroyed. As it is if I set it to 5 seconds the vehicle is returned when abandoned after 5 seconds or re-spawned after 5 seconds when destroyed.
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Each point can only spawn one vehicle atm, and yes the respawn timer controls both timers, theres no way to control them separately atm.

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