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sometimes bots stand still and not move at spawn

we've been seeing this behavior on pretty much all of the official dm maps, with various bot skill levels (1, 2, 8, etc. (by the way, live help says skill ranges over {0,1,2,3}, but skill_auto sets it to higher values))

so every now and then bots will decide running ain't their thing and they'll just stand there at spawn. at higher skill levels they will shoot, but they are still extremely vulnerable and easy, so this cannot possibly be the intended behavior, can it? the recent update did not seem to make any difference. are we missing something? is there a setting that will make them move always? is there a command which would reliably start them moving again?

Bots are so dumb that they need waypoints included into the map in order to move properly. Whereas official maps feature bot waypoints, lots of custom maps are compiled without bot waypoints as mappers tend to forget (or, in rare cases, willingly ignore) that there actually are players that like to play against bots.

If there are no waypoints or if the bot gets pushed into a spot where it can't find to the next waypoint from, it will stand still.

This could be fixed by giving the game's AI a major overhaul, however bot AI programming is a highly complex task while the reward would still be very limited - since any half way descent player would still outsmart the bots and for most players playing against human opponents would remain the only reasonable way to play Xonotic.
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we've seen similar waypoint discussions before, but in our case we are only using the official maps which come with the latest stable, default settings almost throughout, and bots are still just standing there like half the time. sure, sometimes they run around and get lost, like in that water pool in solarium. that's not the issue. what really is annoying is when they stand on their spawn points.

we feel like various things make them snap out of it. leaving and joining the game helps sometimes. kicking a bot helps sometimes. but is there anything we can do on the server administration side to minimize the incidence of this behavior? is this even a known bug?

here's something that seems to always work. kind of. so when it's just one human player and 3 bots, sometimes they decide to stand around. going spectator makes them start moving instantly and reliably. joining back often makes them go motionless again after they are killed and respawn. seems like a bug, no?


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