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How can i play with my friend?

A simply question. I want to setup a multiplayer server where my only friend can join it... I trued with "create" from the game but he wasn't been able to find my server..
Ah, i have a mac and he a pc windows 8

It's easier if you host through the windows pc.
There are three ways to do this:


First step is to make an ADhoc network from the windows pc.. assign an ssid and a password and connect to the network as you would normally (this works with wireless).

Next step is to create a server normally ingame, and have the other player connect to your computers adhoc ip adress (do "ipconfig" in your command line to figure this out), afterwards type the following in the ingame console: connect 'adress from ipconfig'


If you want to host a game this way first you must make sure that you have access to the port forwarding option on your router, if you want to know how to do this you should search online as it's different depending on your router model... The default xonotic port is 26000 so you have to make sure this is the correct port that is open

Next step is to open a gameserver and have your player connect either through the server list (not sure if this works) or search for "my ip" on google and have him type "connect 'your ip'" in his console


This is the last way I know of that you can get a game going, first you will need to download "hamachi", use google for this..

After you've downloaded/installed the application on BOTH computers, have one of you create a hamchi network, set a password and send the other player the details so he can connect.

Finally on your network screen you will have an ip address showing below your network name, send this over to the other player and have him type "connect 'hamachi ip'" in his console.

I apologize in advance if I've made any mistakes.

All of this assumes you are NOT on the same network, if you are you simply need to:

-find your local ip address (ipconfig in terminal)

-have player "connect"
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There's some important information you've left out. Is your friend in a remote location or are you in the same place? Using "create" is only meant to work if you are connected to the same local network.

Thanks a lot! And thanks mr bougo too!
The only thing that i haven t understand is that,
I give the ip to my friend, and he must open the terminal qnd type connect "ip" on the computer terminal. And if he type it the computer automatically open xonotic? And how can i set the configuration game like weapons etc..?

I mean in hamachi

If you could provide information of whether you're both in the same local network or not, this would be very helpful :o)

If you ARE on the same local network, you just need to do the following:

1. determine the local IP address of the PC that will host the game
2. start Xonotic on both machines
3. use the "create" function in the multiplayer window to create a server and set everything up there as you like (game mode, bots, map...). The "Create" tab in the multiplayer window offers all sorts of configuration options, it's really easy.
4. after the server has been created (meaning the hosting PC is connected to the game, you're in the selected map), open the console on the other PC (<shift><ESC> does that) and type "connect" - of course replace "" with the local ip of the PC that hosts the game.

If you are NOT on the same local network, you can establish a tunnel between your friend's PC and your PC using a software like hamachi, but it should also work if you configure port forwarding on both ends' routers.
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im not in the same local network, and i want to play with hamachi as tunnel.

Ok, thanks.

I have no experience with Hamachi, but usually a tunnel would set up a virtual network device on both sides that gets its own IP address. So after setting up Hamachi, you should have an additional network device that has its own dedicated IP address. The process after setting up Hamachi should be just as I described for local networks, as the purpose of a tunnel is to simulate a local network.

So you follow kammy's instructions on how to set up Hamachi. Then, when you get displayed your IP of the Hamachi network you created, you follow my instructions above. For example, if your Hamachi IP is "", then you

1. Start Xonotic
2. create a server with the "create" tab and configure it to your needs and enter the game with your host
3. tell your friend to start up Xonotic
4. tell your friend to open Xonotic console by pressing <shift> <ESC>
5. tell your friend to type "connect" into console and hit return (without the " of course, and replace the IP address with your host's one)

I hope this works out for you!
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Thaaaaanksss later i try

If you are on the same network (or even perhaps Hamachi, which simulates such a setup), you don't even need to know about IPs. LAN servers show up in the server list.

EDIT: Also, the IP address can also be typed in the server list, there's a field at the bottom. You can type it in there and press enter instead of opening the xonotic terminal if you prefer.

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