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Shader Issues With Q3A Texture Replacement Packs

While playing on a few Xonotic servers, I downloaded three texture replacement packs for custom Q3A maps. They are named as follows:
There is a water shader in all three of them known as zzz_liquid.shader. Like with Xonotic's water shader, it renders reflections and ripples. Unlike with Xonotic's water shader, it causes my framerate to drop rapidly. It looks like things would be better if there was a version of zzz_liquid.shader that works like Xonotic's default one.

What is the point of this thread? Do you want to find out who made those packs? If so, you'll need to give more info about them. Have you tried contacting the authors?

I am wondering if there is a replacement version of zzz_liquid.shader that was made specifically for Xonotic (and would work as well as Xonotic's default water shader.) The one in those texture replacement packs seems to be glitchy (it sometimes turns black and causes framerate to drop should it be affected by dynamic lighting,) and it was probably never intended for Xonotic anyway.

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