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Is it possible to disable rocket homing?

I like to hold down the fire button, but when you do that with the rocket launcher it homes in on people which I never really is it possible to disable that and let it automaticly fire when holding down the button?

Not that I know.

Players will surely tell you that you should never hold fire on slow refire weapons such as the RL because that won't allow you to time your shots. You should try to get rid of that habit instead.
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That "homing" is not actually a "homing" but you can guide the rocket as long as you hold down the fire button. Of course if you try to keep an enemy in the crosshair, it will sort of home in on it, but mastering rocket guiding is not about keeping the enemy in the crosshair :o) That guiding of rockets is a unique and VERY useful feature of the rocket launcher. Another Xonotic weapon that makes use of the "press" and "release" states of primary fire is crylink.
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Don't do that with the Rocket Launcher (and some other weapons I guess). Tongue
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