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Smiley's Instagib duel videos

Turns out I made quite an adequate template for Instagib duel videos as a result from demonstrating my VeryMetal mod and then I just kinda got going with it. I will be dumping my instagib duel videos to this thread, cup matches, balanced matches, total annihilations and in general anything I think people would find pleasing to watch. I'm up for requests too!

Smilecythe vs XXX | Final Rage

Smilecythe vs Age | Use and Abuse (cpm3a)

Smilecythe vs BW | Asylum

Smilecythe vs Nimbuz | Farewell

Smilecythe vs SilenceKiller | 1024_vs_Me

Two quickies, a practice match with Floris and a random fun match with Rumraisin from 5 months ago.

Smilecythe vs Floris | The Bad Place (oa_dm4)

Smilecythe vs Rumraisin | Skyway

Smilecythe vs Maniac|Su | RuinerX

Susanne described this experience in following way: "Playing with you feels like a car accident". Angel

Smilecythe vs Maniac|Su | Warfare

Here she did a lot better, good games Smile

sorry for the first match Antero ..

I was get sidetracked by knitting ... Tongue
Next time I.ll endeavour much more Rolleyes

GreetZ Su

I know you have some hidden powers deep inside, you just need to gouge them out Wink

Another video dump, me against Asgarian from TheRegular and the AXG clan's pride mr. Freeze from Nexuiz.

Smilecythe vs Asgarian | Warfare

Smilecythe vs Asgarian | Evilspace

Smilecythe vs Freeze | Welcome to the Drive in


Nice games bra, especially the one on evilspace. I was waiting the whole video for some fancy killing spree, but Asgar really kept you in your pants.
Oh, and turn your fucking VeryMetalAnnouncer stuff on when you record your wanking. I miss your voice.

More iduel vids:

Smilecythe vs XENON | The Longest Yard

Smilecythe vs HULU | Speed

Smilecythe vs Randomer | Central Processing

Smilecythe vs Solid | Aerowalk

Another one in the pot. I'm quite proud of that frag in 1:28 and even prouder of that I did that same exact frag two times more during the match Big Grin

Smilecythe vs Daemon | Warfare


Mr. Age is back and already painting the walls of Aerowalk with my gibs!

Smilecythe vs Age | Aerowalk


30 frags in 0:37

Smilecythe vs Mossepo | Den of Rape


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