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[SOLVED] Can I Monetize YouTube Videos of Xonotic

I recently did a video on Xonotic, and because I haven't experienced any bugs or other problems the review was really good. However, Google's auto checker says that I need to tell them:

A. My video contains only my original content.

B. I have an online license for some or all of my content.

C. I have written permission to use some or all of my content.

If I choose B or C, then I have to show them a link to the license/written permission. So can I monetize this video?

I don't really get your question, but of course can you monetize on a video that features Xonotic.

What I'm saying is I need one of the makers of the game to give me written permission, because this video isn't my original content.


I discussed this a little with merlijn over irc.

It's kind of difficult to give you written permission, because it's not clear who exactly should do that. If it's about copyright, there are way too many people behind the audio/visuals to ask permission from each one of them.

However, since everything in the game (including the logo) is GPL licensed, you are by definition free to redistribute the content and make derivative works out of it (for example a video for a review). There is no doubt that you are not infringing on anyone's copyright.

If we interpret this as a derivative work, there might be some trouble with the GPL's clauses that require such works to also be licensed under the GPL. But at the same time you have quotation rights and other kinds of fair use to protect that sort of use of Xonotic's content. As no one here is a lawyer, this is all fairly blurry to all of us. Merlijn seems to say you don't need to worry about this.

The Xonotic name might be protected under trademark law but I don't think that's relevant to this discussion.

There are things you need to pay attention to, though. First of all, you should be careful if you add any music to the video that you don't have a right to reproduce. You should also be aware that third-party content (custom maps, the overkill mod, etc.) might not be under permissive licensing, so you can't use the GPL to justify the use of those.

EDIT: If that wasn't clear, it seems like B is the right option.

Wow, thank you Mr. Bougo.

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