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[BUG] Stuck at level 21 of campaign mode

Hello, i don't know if the help of this section is also referred to the difficulty while playing the game.

Specifically im talking about the darkzone deatchmatch level of campaign mode.
Maybe im a newbie ok but is very hard to play eheh...

I tried several times but the fact that all players are invisible it doesn't help, moreover the map isn't big (i prefer large maps).

Naturally i will try again, i want to complete the campaign Tongue

I don't know what you mean by invisible players. What version of Xonotic are you using?

It is an enabled mutator in this level called "Cloaked".

latest Mr. Bougo, 0.7
and yes it's a mutator that make all players almost invisible.

I correct: it's level 22

p.s: i had to set the difficulty level to easy Blush

Ah, okay, sorry. I can't help Tongue

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