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[SOLVED] Stats failing to submit | FreeBSD server


Solved! It turned out to be an issue with the lightppd proxy that the stats server uses. A fix has been worked out and will be implemented shortly.

Apologies for posting two threads in quick succession but I feel like the two issues should be separated.

I am having an issue submitting stats to the server. Below is an example of the output I am receiving in server.log

^7Got response from weapon stats server:
^7Weapon stats written
^7Downloading -> memory
^7Player stats writing failed: -1

As you can see from the above output, I have the stats URL set correctly in the server.cfg file. It's also worth noting that there is no firewall configured on or in front of this server, so it is not a case of packets being dropped.

I don't think it's related, but just in case, I am also having issues with keypair generation for the server:

If you have any suggestions, I'd be grateful to hear them, thanks!

EDIT 2: It has since decided to stop giving that error most of the time, I will update this post if and when I get further information.

EDIT: This issue is partly resolved. The server now successfully shows up on the stats server.

However, the console still outputs the following at the end of every match.

Player stats writing failed: -1

I have now resolved this issue.

It turned out that it was due to the blind_id library not being installed by the port.

Evidence of success:

For further information on my fix, visit the link in my original post.

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