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.8 CTF Tournament

(This is not the official thread. just some ideology)

As .8 is on the horizon in a few months(no rush) I am planning on having a Capture the Flag tournament upon it's release. Although the release of .8 won't be until a few months from now(depending on when it's done), it gives us(the community) plenty of time to plan ahead.

This has yet to be determined, obviously. Whenever .8 is released, we can all agree on a weekend to start and begin playing our matches. The tournament will be able to give us 2 months of play time. Teams must play certain rounds before a deadline is given. Example;

Team 1 must play Team 2 before July 20th(start date was July 13th).

This gives teams a lot of flexibility and planning. The start time must be posted by the captain on the forums, as well as the results from Xonstats. If we are playing double elimination, then 2 months should be plenty time to get all of the matches in.

Obviously Double-Elimination is the answer here. A loser's bracket gives teams a second chance to come back(especially the underdog teams) a second opportunity to come back and win the whole thing if they want. Maps will be played best 2 out of 3.

4v4 is more preferable. I've gotten some opinions and EVEN though 5v5 is proper CTF in arena shooters, it's cluttered as hell in Xonotic due to it's fast speed. 4v4 gives opportunity for 1 defender, 1 mid defender, 1 attacker, 1 support attacker. Teams of 5(preferably) with 4 main players and a sub ready for action is the goal. The goal is 8 teams so we can have a proper bracket for double-elimination.

I haven't been playing long enough to recognize the good CTF maps of the community yet. That's why I need your opinions on what maps should be played. A map pool of 5 is preferable.

Every team will have a captain. This captain can recruit their players and organize their teams.

The two teams will decide on their best server to play on. If a EU team plays an NA team, then 1 game will be played on a EU server, one on an NA server, coin toss for the 3rd server.


I know a few guys who would love to broadcast the matches. That's why I suggested the captains post their future dates and times of their matches to be played Big Grin. I want to have the last 4-5 matches played on the same weekend(semi finals/finals).

If I'm setting up the tournament, then obviously I'll be an admin. But I'm going to need at least 3 other admins(1 other NA admin, and 2 EU admins, preferably.)

To bring CTF as the ultimate gametype in Xonotic and create the biggest event yet for it. It's going to be a challenge, but I think we can do itSmile. So what do you guys think? Discuss.


Here's some map suggestions to start with:


Making a poll for the map suggestions you gather is the best way to go. Also, once you're ready to spawn the tournament, don't wait for .8. The releases always have a vague date, so just go for it as soon as you can.

Yes, 4v4 is the shit. The way to go. The standard. Bestestest. Mirio can go f*ck himself. (Inb4 he won't even play the tourney if it's 4v4 Big Grin)

Also +1 for Smilecythe's mappool.

Half of these maps are too small.
I made some stats about my CTF pickups and would go with the five most played maps there. I would provide a poll anyway.

5v5 is just the pickup favourite since forever. 4v4 makes sense in a tournament, because you can get more teams this way.

Also Smilecythe is right with the date. We could just have such a tournament "now" (say end of April/May) and then ANOTHER in summer with the release!

I can be an admin if you wish so. I could cast a bit as well I guess, if someone makes a stream. Smile

PS: Decider between EU and NA teams should be played in Australia. Wink Tongue

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