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[Image: exelogo.png]

[Image: forumheader.png]

[Image: divider.gif]Clan.exe
[Image: divider.gif]Hey fellow Xonners… xons'… er… Xonotic-ers
[Image: divider.gif]Hi Players of Xonotic,
[Image: divider.gif]Pre-compiled and assured virus-free by Norton Anti-Virus 2003, welcome to the the forum thread of the prestigious, glamorous modest clan, Clan.exe.
[Image: divider.gif]Clan.exe provides an instantgib community server based in the UK - currently called Votagib.
[Image: divider.gif]While the clan tag has been floating around for awhile, it's mostly being laying down the infrastructure to start the clan. However, I feel as though we're in a position to make things official now.

[Image: hdiv.png]

[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif][Image: serverico.png]

[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]The servers are open for everybody to use, however, those interested in Joining the clan, and getting benefits such as Instagib Clan TDM tournaments, and being a member. And perhaps more to come.
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]Join us on IRC, #clanexe, Quakenet. Or play on the Votagib server.
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]Ideally we want candidates who have a real interest in Xonotic, and thus regulars will always get priority.
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]Nonetheless, we need some bullet points:
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif] ‣ Votagib (Clan.exe's community server
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif] ‣ Votagib pro (Mostly as an overflow instagib server)
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif] ◦  More to come?

[Image: hdiv.png]

[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif][Image: memico.png]

[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]Currently consisting of several awesome members: Me, Vehemence, Alias... 3 can count as several Wink.
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]I'll update this roster as it becomes necessary.
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]As of yet we haven't done much recruiting. I was going to wait until our website and server was fully finished, at v1.
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]I would say that we're a beta clan, but let's use the word alpha instead. Smile

[Image: hdiv.png]

[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif][Image: mediaico.png]

[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]As a relatively new Clan, and with plenty of room to grow. We'll be experimenting with a few forms of media.
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]Look away if you're cynical about this sort of self-promotion. Continue, however, if you want more information.

[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]Clan.exe currently has a presence on these websites or channels:
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif][/blink]
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]#clanexe @ Quakenet
[Image: divider.gif][Image: divider.gif]Clan.exe @

[Image: forumfooter.png]
[Image: smallexe.png]
See you in the game
Apologies for the rather obnoxious thread. April fools

Welcome, more brits!
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


[Image: 38443.png]

Brits FTW! Good to see more tea lovin' folk around here and nice Clan!


This is how Gopnik's dance:

[Image: eGqXiFy.png]
Click the uselessly flashy button above

The server was livestreamed for awhile, and now has been archived. It's a very experimental feature, and is quite mundane unless you enjoy watching some decent xon instagib matches.
If anyone has any advice or ideas for the stream, you can often find me on our IRC channel [#clanexe].

/Shameless plug. But it's the clan.exe thread afterall!

So we had some late night duels. That was fun.


Instagib dm on our server. l Free for All Instagib l [0.8]

Cya there!

(02-09-2015, 05:00 AM)JohnnyD Wrote: Instagib dm on our server. l Free for All Instagib l [0.8]

Cya there!

Hey, that SPLAT guy on there looks familiar Rolleyes
[Image: 38443.png]


Last night i got challenged to a duel by Idle, He's a CTF player so he aims fast and rarely misses. I had to defend the honour of DM players so I went all out. In result: one of the most dynamic and fun matches I've had lately. It could have gone either way.

(02-16-2015, 04:34 AM)SPLAT Wrote:
(02-09-2015, 05:00 AM)JohnnyD Wrote: Instagib dm on our server. l Free for All Instagib l [0.8]

Cya there!

Hey, that SPLAT guy on there looks familiar Rolleyes

Heh, yea he's a legend. Last night in team deathmatch he won him vs. everyone else. Crazy! Big Grin

Quick duel video I made to try and get familiar with video editing again. It's a start. Smile


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