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Poll: Why did you start playing this game?
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Why did you start playing?

Because I love the mixed Quake 1 / UT99 Hardcore gameplay style, that most fps' out there lack.
My contributions to Xonotic: talking in the forum, talking some more, talking a bit in the irc, talking in the forum again, XSkie

found it over google (lame <_<)
i still can remember the first map Smile great wall reloaded =D
awesome Big Grin
This message was written with 100% recycled electrons!!! Angel
No trees were destroyed and no animals were harmed.


Because it is a program that simulates the excessive application of explosives and gibbitude to combat situations that would be somewhat inconvenient to realise in meatspace.

There are so many reason i have to playing like the first and most important reason is i am boring to the reading, and the next one is i will enjoy this game so much and my friends are play this game, that's the reason i start to play.

I started playing cause I know I've found the best open-source game you can eva find!!
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i dont play it , because i dont like the game at all.
i preferr doing maths and writing complex essays for fun
oh and singing in my underpants.

and im scared of nerds

and water

me plumber!

(edit im talking shit , i like the games and the community and so should you , so while your reading this , howabout you go and do something good and get involved and play our game and help and all that nerd stuff , say t)



I started playing because I heard someone say t...
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?




accidentally found nexuiz on a pc games site. i just decided to give it a go, as it was the first FPS game i've ever seen.
then, in 2011 i heard about xonotic and decided to give it a go too. both great games ^_^
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Cause it is free, as in freedom! Big Grin

I accidently stumbled across Nexuiz pre-installed on my laptop, then played it for a while and eventually picked up Xonotic!

i saw my brother playing nexuiz some years back, thought it looked cool, so i played it for a while

years later, i heard about the illfonic fiasco, read that the gpl project forked and was called something different, and now...yep

I started playing cause it looked fun, and my computer can run it (even on GNU/Linux). It is still quite fun, even if i'm horrendous
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Paradox Space...

A few years ago I was GNU/Linux and FOSS enthusiast, and I searched for different ways to play on Linux and completely dump Windows. I found Nexuiz, and it actually was the first FOSS game which was fun to play; I did not play it because it was free, I played it because I really liked it. IIRC it was Nexuiz 2.3 or something like that...

As you know, linux gaming status is/was kinda bad a few years ago and therefore my attempt to dump Windows completely wasn't success. But I did not stop playing Nexuiz. When Xonotic project emerged, I started to follow the developement at the early stages.

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