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[SUGGESTION] art style "your thoughts"

its easy to have an idea. but hard to put it down on paper the way you see it. a drawing, paint are just that putting ideas on paper. now when we see games we like and love, the style of the games where set out by clear ideas, of what the game themes an look should be. most people know what the game they want and could see nexuiz being. but these idea's still lay deep in the Dev-tracker and don't lend them self to understanding what the artistic style should be for xonotic.

most themes for games go hand in hand with the story lines they are going to follow. but how close the games theme must be followed does help keep players coming back for more. this may not need to be as closely binding for xonotic, as for other games of its type. even setting out perimeter for how many factions to how distinct they should feel to the end player help set the scene for the player and draw them closer to the game.

so here the task. coming up with a theme or artistic style that the community can agree upon, that will help i think every one to find a focus to improve what will be for sure a great game. this will then help create flow I believe in the end game.

There is a discussion thread about this going on here, since the beginnings of the project.

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