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[SUGGESTION] built in demo recording controls

on Nexuiz it took me a long time to search out and find all the console commands necessary to record demo's with an level of skill and I still haven't gotten them all. I would really like the demo section to have clear cut controls for the camera movement, start and stop of video recording, video output type, fast-forward and most important I want a rewind!... that said these features were difficult to find/use in Nexuiz and I believe it negatively effected it's presence on youtube. I already read earlier youtube is good advertising. Especially with a community of gamers uploading xonotic videos. And anyone familiar with my youtube page knows what I'm talking about.

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Personally I would love to see built-in editing tools. The easier it is for players to clip their frags and post them, the better. If there was a way to crop and save demo data so that it could be exported to an external host (IE: youtube) while still maintaining the .dem data (so someone would be able to re-cut the same kill with a different angle) it would provide an avenue for normal players to become FOTM superstars.
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Yes it is hard to find the cmds needed in Nexuiz for demo recording and when I did I ended up making binds of them at one time for slowmo r_letterbox 1 cl_capturevideo 1 etc. in order to try and stream line the process and make it easier.
If advanced demo recording was added to Xonotic I would say this would encourage more people to do demo recording which would mean more videos of Xonotic would end up on youtube making for more publicity which would be worth it imo.
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Good point Soze. I never really got into making demos because it was so complicated and I didn't have the time to figure it out. I think that easier demo recording would increase the presence of videos for Xonotic and in doing so, increase the PR.

Ida17h made some cool shit, however I dont know if it made it to SVN.

Also, HERE is some useful stuff.

I guess, I (or anyone willing) should take some time to put that stuff in a wiki page.

I think almost anyone is willing to do that after the wiki page is ready. I volunteer.

BTW, we should make a front page announce when the wiki is in place.

(03-25-2010, 11:43 AM)Aleator Wrote: I think almost anyone is willing to do that after the wiki page is ready. I volunteer.

BTW, we should make a front page announce when the wiki is in place.

I second that

Good idea, it'll encourage more people to make videos Smile
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I believe terencehill made a patch to use a menu dialog for recording demos but it was never committed to nexuiz because of a few bugs i think.

I think someone could also talk to ppl at so that they would add Xonotic suppport (well at least for the window$ version) to their recorder. It's quite nice for simple gameplay videos.
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Green's recorder...its not in game though ;o I hope to see it made for xonotic also.

I have plans for doing this, but not sure *when*. Basically I want to use another bindmap, that would be enabled/disabled upon demo playback. It shouldn't be hard to do, so if anyone wants to do that before me, go ahead Smile

everything fine, nothing to worry pals, but what would really improve making vids is (mentioned in first post) ability to REWIND!!! Rest is less important imo. If you spend some time digging, you can find everything you need in one evening Tongue but rewind would be a massivly helpful feature
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Sadly my patches didn't make it into the SVN back in the days. I might try to find some time next to rebase it against current git, so it can be used in xonotic..
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I'd love to see something similar to the demo recording tools that are in all the Source games:

Basically, it has the demo timers that Ida17h's patch creates and the demo camera, and adds a basic gui to access them. Something like this would make recording demos/applying in-game effects to the demos some what intuitive.

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