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Poll: map pool poll, we keep the 5 best!
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Space elevator
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1v1 CTF/Overkill Tourney #1


What about a quick tourney, overkill ctf duel? There was some interest, and we could see really nice games if the badasses show up!

I would love to see neolink, Necrom, nitroxis, rasputin, and the others dueling!

- 1vs1 Overkill CTF
- Servers: [WTWRP] Overkill with IP
- Timelimit: 20
- Caps: 10
- Modus: Double Elimination, the seed will be shuffled before the start of the tourney
- Mappicking: Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop at Bo1 (Loser bracket), Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop at Bo3 (Winner bracket)
- Mappool: Dance, Tarx, Implosion, Dreamscape, Recratemini
- Date/time: around 28 febuary

Here is the registration form :

Sign in!

The official irc channel for the tourney is #wtwrp.ok on quakenet


Challonge page:

Match Results:
qbit vs. bigx: 10-3, 10-5, qbit wins &
asgy vs. nitroxis: 7-10, 10-5, 10-5, nitroxis wins, &
spike vs. atsch: 10-2, 10-1, spike wins &
smilecythe vs slava: 10-3, 10-1, smilecythe wins &

sounds awesome, count me in Cool
[] qb!t

me too
[Image: 6963.png]

I might participate, depending on the date/time Big Grin

Hehe why not. Smile
I can stream it maybe, if it's not today.
[Image: 21.png]
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I'm in ^^.

I'd prefer Pick-Pick-Drop-Drop for bo3, it's lame if you drop your opponent's best map. The "random surplus" thing suits the decider match better imo.

Count me in anyway!

OK, someone has to be last, count me in. Smile
[Image: 30381.jpg]

<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
<[BOT]Hоtdоg> will pay monies for shooting him

I propose this as map pool :

-Space elevator

Usually a mappool of 5 or 7 maps is common, this is quite a lot :o, but would work of course.
I could put a poll into this thread if needed.
[Image: 21.png]
IRC (QuakeNet): #bot.xonotic | #xonotic.pickup | #xonotic | #xonotic.cup
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Movies: Mirification #1 | #2 | Mirificaption #1 | #3 | #4 | [BOT] Clan #3 | #5 | #6 | #7 | [BOT] Clan #4 | #8 | #9



Time for updates!

Please register here ( if you want to participate, it will make the bracket setup easier!!

Then, I agree with Smilecythe, good point, I change that!

And I would love to see some new maps played, neol1nk had some nice props, qb!t too, i'll make a poll, and we should set a date, next week, during week days hopefully, any preferences?

Is hook included, and why no lostspace in mappool?

Cuz you're in the wrong thread and no overkill doesn't have a hook.

Moderator note: Moved the two posts into correct thread.

Okay, count me in
[Image: 604.png] We Think We aRe Pros (Homepage)


I'm going to get owned hard but count me in.

Also 90% of the games i have played were overkill + hook so krom question is valid.
[Image: 9074.png]

I only have time on wednesday.
I think on the weekend would be the best time for the most of us....

Still not 100% sure but I think I'll manage to get some free time Smile
[Image: 18382.png]

yo! how about date? its realy important. for me there is no possibility if tournament will be at holidays or weekend. at work i have a good pc and connection. I can stay until 23:30 Moscow time.

So the tourney will happen the 28 of febuary.

The max of participants is 16, and 15 are already registered!! I might reconsider the particiapants cap if there is a need.

And the map pool is Dance, Tarx, Implosion, Dreamscape, Recratemini

Nice, 28 of February is ok for me Smile

I just signed up, you have 16 registered participants now Big Grin

good to see you on board SpiKe! le cochon!

so the tourney is full!!! sorry for others!

maybe it will be on more than one day, because we'll have at leat 48 games!!

Hey guys, i promised bigx to help organize so that he can enjoy being fragged too Smile

The tourney will be 46 games minimum (sorry bigx, i overcounted) and 65 max so if a match takes 10-15 minutes, we're looking at 8-16 hours of pure playing time. (i've already been called a nerd, go ahead if you feel the need Wink

Since not everybody can play on the weekend i had the idea to spread the tourney to 4 days starting friday 27th with the finals on monday 2nd (or earlier if we manage). Not sure if everyone's ok with it so we're asking here.

Bigx will hopefully soon reshuffle so the matches are random and we'll know who's playing with whom.

Meanwhile, since a lot of the matches can be played in parallel, could anybody (cough, The Regulars, cough) provide another server?
[Image: 30381.jpg]

<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
<[BOT]Hоtdоg> will pay monies for shooting him

seed has been shuffled, ty for the help martin-t!

Sorry got no time on 28th of February. But on the 27th and 19th.


Hey people, the servers are officially configured and the brackets are final so the tourney can begin.

Big thanks to The Regulars for providing a second server. The configs are identical, you can pick which one you want. (vcall ctfduel on WTWRP to enable 1v1 ctf mode) Warmup is enabled so press F4 for the real match to begin.

We moved IRC for the tourney to #wtwrp.ok or Quakenet - it's also connected with the WTWRP server.

I looked at how the other tourney is being done and it seems the players are free to play their matches when they have time. We'd like to draw inspiration from it and let you pick the best time for you (at least for the first rounds, the finals will be too spectacular not to watch Big Grin ). Therefore we're announcing the start of the tournament as Thursday 26th. Contact your opponents, set a date and time and get fragging (and capping).

When you finish matches, please post links to then on xonstats so that we can update scores on challonge. You can (some of you should Big Grin ) also post links to .dem files.

If you have any questions, contact us here or on IRC (martin-t, bigx).
[Image: 30381.jpg]

<packer> when i see martin-t's name my blood pressure increases

<[BOT]Hоtdоg> anyone here lives near martin?
<[BOT]Hоtdоg> will pay monies for shooting him

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